I’m partnering with Dove Dry Shampoo to bring you the Dove Hair #SkipAWash Challenge! Ladies, washing your hair every day strips your hair of important, healthy hair oils. And let’s be real, washing your hair every day is also a pain in the butt! With Dove Dry Shampoo, I can strip excess oil from those long-haul flights or intense workouts and have my hair looking fresh, clean and voluminous without any washing or styling.


Whether I’m hiking through the Andes Mountains of Peru, dancing at a ball in Venice, or just getting ready for a night out on the town with my husband, my hairstyle is always at the forefront of my mind. I mean after all, a girl has got to have her hair looking fresh. Am I right, ladies? Because I travel 90% out of the year, I don’t always have access to hair styling tools nor dare I say, a shower! That’s why I wanted to let you in on a little hair secret for travel and for home – my Dove Dry Shampoo.

I always get asked, “what is the one thing you have to travel with?” And my answer is always, “dry shampoo!” While my husband Scott is my knight in shining armor, my Dove Dry Shampoo is my secret ingredient in my beauty arsenal


How To

Because my schedule is packed with travel, blogging and photography, my beauty routine needs to be quick and easy. After a long flight, I need to be able to deplane and hit the ground running. I simply:

  1. Shake can before use

  2. Spray the roots of my hair with Dove Dry Shampoo

  3. Massage the roots of my hair to absorb oil evenly

  4. Brush through for straight their or tousle for waves

  5. Turn heads at my new destination



The Benefits

Whether I’m on day two of not washing or my hair is flat from air travel, my Dove Dry Shampoo is my styled hair specialty.

  • It adds volume to my hair

  • I can use it on straight or curly hair

  • It absorbs oil

  • It leaves my hair looking clean

  • A light scent leaves my hair smelling fresh

  • It cleanses and purifies my hair

Whether you’re getting ready for a night out on the town or heading off for a journey around the world, don’t forget the number one hair helper, your Dove Dry Shampoo