Thank you to Omigo for sending us this amazing Japanese toilet seat for us to review. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely our own.

OMIGO: Full Featured Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat

While we’ve traveled to nearly eighty countries, there is one place that we return to over and over again – Japan. We can’t get enough of the Japanese culture, sake, sushi, and well – their toilet seats! That’s right – ever since we made our first trip to Japan in January of 2016, we’ve made it our life goal to own a Japanese toilet seat. Having a warm toilet seat that acts as a luxurious bidet makes every trip to the bathroom a complete and utter indulgence. Now, I don’t have to fly across the ocean to have a lavish bathroom experience because the Omigo toilet seat brings the luxury of a Japanese toilet right into my very own home and it’s available for you too.

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While Scott may be an expert handyman, admittedly, I shy away from anything that involves hoses, bolts, or the words “righty tighty, lefty loosey.” Even if I’ve been dreaming of a piece of equipment or in this case, a sleek Japanese toilet seat, I’ve avoided purchasing it because of my resistance to installation. With my busy schedule, I really don’t have the desire or the time to spend with my head under the matrix of plumbing infrastructure or on my knees in front of a toilet tank. One big reason I chose Omigo was that it promised an easy install. And it definitely lived up to its word!


This high-tech toilet seat took me less than 30 minutes to install. I followed the easy instruction guide of removing my archaic toilet seat and installing my futuristic Omigo seat, and voila – Scott & I are all set up with the Japanese seat of our dreams and happy bums for eternity!

Since I didn’t have an outlet right next to my toilet, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to properly install the Omigo but it was an easy fix with just a few feet of extension cord which I ran underneath my bath mat and straight to an outlet. Easy fix. The Omigo looks neat, tidy, and most of all – it works like a charm!

Ease of Use

The Omigo is the simplest upgrade for turning the chore of your daily business-doing into a cleaner, easier, and hands-free spa-like experience. With its intuitive and streamlined one-touch remote control, you can warm your buns, get super clean, and dry yourself without ever having to use toilet paper! Think of the trees! Think of the $$$!

Right after installing my Omigo toilet seat, I had a friendly holiday gathering at my house. Everyone who used the restroom was completely enamored and were raving about how nice it was to get so clean without ever having to wipe. Now it seems they all want an Omigo of their own but they sure as hell aren’t getting mine! – you can get your own right here!


It’s easy to become a toilet trendsetter with the feature set that comes stock on your Omigo seat. As far as comfort goes, I don’t think there’s a seat in the house that could match the luxury of features like a heated seat, warm water wash, or warm air drier. All of these features work in harmony to create what feels more like a daily spa experience than anything you’d find in your friend’s bathroom.

Sitting down, you’re immediately met with that warm cozy feeling you might only otherwise experience while like donning clothes that just came from a warm dryer or getting a hug from some beach bod hunk (ahem, Scott). In that moment, you forget any urgency, worries, maybe you have trouble going at a friend’s house or with company – not anymore. The seat contours to your body, letting you do your business in peace.

Now comes the fun part. After you’ve done numbers one, two, or all of the above, the warm water wash cleanses you with perfect, totally customizable, pressure and temperature. It feels somewhere between stepping into a warm shower and getting a very thorough, if not extremely intimate, massage. Since Omigo comes with dual stainless steel nozzles, it has you covered front to back. So ladies and gents, you’ll be taken care of no matter what.


After you’re clean you can initiate Omigo’s warm air dryer, which also features adjustable temperature control. Whether you’re in the mood for a cool breeze or the sensation of warming comfortable air, you’re getting super dry without ever having to use expensive toilet paper. It does take a bit longer but honestly more time spent on the Omigo just means extra relaxation.

Now there is one feature which I personally don’t have to use… The deodorizer. I mean wouldn’t notice a difference anyway because I never leave so much as a trace, but if you do have a rather, uh, strenuous experience there you can be sure you’re leaving the bathroom with a clean conscience and a trail of fresh air, as this thing’s carbon block vent will filter out anything suspicious…

With the benefit of fresh, clean air and a cool blue nightlight, feel free to show this thing off at your next holiday gathering, dinner party, birthday bash, Netflix and chill, whatever. It’s a great upgrade to your bathroom and the best way to get clean in 2019.

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