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As a travel journalist and full-time adventurer, I’m out in Mother Nature a lot. While I love getting glam for the camera or for a night out on the town, I enjoy a natural look from my day-to-day. Now let’s be real – natural does not mean without makeup. On the contrary, I like to look and feel like the best version of myself when I’m climbing mountains, hiking in National Parks, boondocking in a National Forest, or simply at home with my sweetheart. Natural to me means minimalist in every sense of the word: minimal time spent and minimal effort for a maximum return. My minimalist look always focused on my eyes. I used to always use mascara and an eyebrow pencil to boost my natural aesthetic to be a bit more defined.

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When I’m out in nature, I really don’t want to take the time to put makeup on. It feels like the antithesis of why I’m out and about – to disconnect and to feel natural – mind, body, and soul. Now I can take minimalism to the max with the Rodan + Fields Lash Boost and Brow Defining Boost have, which have made a noticeable improvement on my natural look. In just eight short weeks, The Lash Boost and Brow Defining Boost gave me a natural look that made me look and feel like my best self without applying makeup.
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Lash Boost


The Rodan + Fields Lash Boost is a groundbreaking product that helps improve the appearance of lash length, volume, thickness, and the condition of lashes. Rodan + Fields, the creator of Lash Boost, has a skincare philosophy of Multi-Med Therapy that combines the proper ingredients with the correct formula, and tops it off with an application in the appropriate order to deliver amazing results. Lash Boost was ophthalmologist tested to be safe for everyday use – without ever needing a prescription.


Lash Boost has been an amazing tool that I’ve used for the past eight weeks that helped me achieve the lashes I’ve always longed for without having to use mascara and a lash curler. The clinically tested Lash Boost was verified to be gentle and safe for everyday use. The innovative formula works over time and enhances the look of my natural lashes. I simply used Lash Boost one time in the evening during my normal skincare routine and applied Lash Boost to my upper lash line. My full Lash Boost consists of:

  1. I first remove my makeup and cleanse my face as I prepare for bed.
  2. I ensure that my eyelids and lashes are completely dry.
  3. I dip the brush one time per eye and apply the Lash Boost to my upper lash line. If there is any excess product on the brush, I wipe it off before
  4. Remove any excess serum from eyelids and lashes.

When I first started with the Rodan + Fields Lash Boost, I started using the product every two days for a few days, then every other day, and then transitioned to using it every day. My eyelashes appear fuller, longer, and I look like my best self without needing to apply a full face of makeup every day!

Brow Defining Boost

Growing up as an Italian American, you could say I was blessed to have fuller eyebrows than most 🙂 although at the time, I didn’t see it as being blessed. I was self-conscious of my full brows for years. As I grew into my full brows, I appreciated how they could enhance my look. While they’re on the fuller side, they were never defined and they tended to fade off towards the end of the arch. Whenever I’m on set filming, makeup artists usually define and fill in the ends to make them more defined. With the Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost, I’m able to define my entire brows, enhancing their entire color and shape. Plus, the Brow Defining Boost is flake-free and smudge-free so I don’t have to worry about looking like I have drawn on brows. Instead, I have overall beautiful brow definition that looks natural and enhances to my overall look.


When it comes to the ingredients in the Rodan + Fields Brow Defining Boost, I love that it includes natural, safe ingredients like Castor Oil and Beeswax. The Castor Oil helps moisturize and condition the brows while the Beeswax controls, tames, and defines my brows. To use the Brow Defining Boost, I simply:

  1. I start with my normal morning skincare routine.
  2. I dip the wand into the applicator and make sure the brush is lightly coated, wiping off any excess on the applicator.
  3. I use short, upward strokes to pick up my natural brow hair with the thicker part of the wand to add definition. With the precision tip, I use small strokes to shape my brow tail. This is key for what my specific aesthetic goals were.