Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Porte Play. We were given Porte Play in order to honestly review the below products.

When you live out of a suitcase, organization is essential. In the past 6 months, we’ve traveled to the islands of the Andaman Sea and the Incan ruins of Peru, the red desert of Wadi Rum and the kitchen of Jiro in Japan. While we may not pack the same clothes for every trip, our electronics come absolutely everywhere with us. No matter where we are in the world, we travel with multiple computers, hard drives, cameras, and lenses. In order to keep our camera gear and electronics organized, we upgraded to Porte Play.


We have a tried and true recipe for traveling with our electronics. Here is our packing list of key ingredients for choosing epic electronics gear for your travel photography:

Choose Light: Our relationship comes with no extra baggage. Every ounce matters when it comes to travel. Do yourself a favor and pack as light as possible. This means simplifying lenses and only packing the essentials.

Impeccable Organization: In order to travel efficiently, one must create a system of organization. We use Porte Play as our storage solution to easily organize our electronics so we can access them anytime, anywhere (and I mean anywhere).

Pack External Hard Drives: It would be lovely if everything went according to plan in travel, but that rarely happens. Protect yourself and your memories by backing up your footage to an external hard drive.

Epic Efficiency: As traveling photographers and filmmakers, we carry a portable studio everywhere we go. Plus, we never check a bag, which means that everything we pack, we use. With our Porte Play, we can store all of our chargers, filters, hard drives, and devices into one portable case. Our case is functional and convenient, all in one portable package.

Specifics of Porte Play

We use a few different items from the Porte Play electronics arsenal.

Cord taco: This small, portable device easily organizes all of our cords to keep them untangled and easily accessible.

Pull-Apart: This is what we use as compact storage for our compact items. It is designed with five elastic slots to fit a variety of different sized cords and cables. The zippered mesh pocket fits large chargers and keeps your electronic accessories secure and organized

Home Organizer: This organizer is a customizable layout made to hold your home gadgets. The organizer has adjustable and removable sections perfect for larger cables and chargers, remote controls, and other electronic devices. There is also a clear bottom so you can easily see inside.

If you’re planning on bringing your electronics on your next business trip or vacation, be sure to pack Porte Play.