Who we are

We are Collette and Scott, a traveling twosome dedicated to experiencing luxurious and adventurous travel destinations that will make our muscles and our relationship grow stronger. We’re a husband and wife who are hopelessly in love with each other and with the world. In 2015, we decided to quit our jobs as corporate desk jockeys and redefine the American Dream. Since then, we have been traveling the world full-time, exploring off the beaten path locations and inspiring others through our active vagabond lifestyle.  We rented our house, quit our jobs, and threw caution to the wind all with an end goal of viewing the world and all its wonders.


Collette Stohler

The Brains


Collette, or Coco, studied at the University of Pennsylvania where she also competed on their track & field team. This mighty mouse qualified for the Olympic Trials in Olympic Weightlifting and competes in CrossFit for CrossFit South Bay.

An avid CrossFitter and fitness nut, Collette is the author of the traveling fit book, Passport to Fitness. Prior to making the leap into vagabonding, she worked as a television writer and producer.

Coco’s favorite way of seeing a new place is by dropping into a CrossFit class or going for a run to explore the nooks and crannies of a new city. She is currently craving trips to Marrakech, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Basque Country, and Chile. She loves penguins more than life itself and her dream destination is Antarctica.

Scott Stohler

The Brawn


A self proclaimed adrenaline junkie, Scott lives for shredding down the mountain on his snowboard, cutting up a lake with his wakeboard, or daringly jumping out of a helicopter over the Alps…all in pursuit of a healthy heart pump.

Scott received his Chemical Engineering degree from Purdue and worked for several large fortune 100 companies prior to making the leap to travel.  He’s an avid Crossfit athlete and competed for the Crossfit Southbay Team in Regional competition in 2013.

Scott’s favorite way to explore a city is by taste testing the local IPA’s or jumping into pick-up soccer games. He is currently craving trips to Antarctica, Alaska, and Bordeaux.

Our Resident Roamaroo Writers


Brooke Tyson

Roamaroo Intern

Brooke is based out of Richmond, Virginia and is a college student at the University of Virginia. She gets her adventure from her mother who encouraged her to travel and see the world in a different light ever since she was a little girl. After cruising among the Greek Isles and trying raw octopus at a fish market in Tokyo, Brooke realized how much more she needed to see in life. Good people, good food, and good memories are what drive her to go further and never miss an opportunity to travel more. Brooke is a curious traveler who keeps her heart and mind open anywhere and everywhere she goes. Brooke is currently spending her summer in New York City while planning her next trip across Asia.

Dr. Kate Cummins, Psy.D.

Resident Travel Psychologist

Dr. Kate Cummins, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist. This world traveling neuropsychologist or Dr. Kate, as her patients call her, trained in one of the top 1% of American hospitals for acute physical rehabilitation programs, working with brain injury patients in Los Angeles, California. Here at Roamaroo, she’ll be our resident writer on the psychology of travel.

Dr. Kate has two private practice locations, in the Financial District of San Francisco as well as Los Angeles, California. Here at Roamaroo, she works with people just like you who are dealing with difficulty in current life situations. Dr. Kate helps people learn better coping strategies for stress management, grief, loss, positive self-image, anxiety, depression, and much more. She works with adolescents and adults. She currently has a few openings, so inquire within. She is a writer for LIVESTRONG.COM and an adjunct professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

She provides online services for travel psychology consultation, a concept that is rather unique to Dr. Kate’s work. She wants to help you overcome your fears and concern about travel, so that you can do what we do. For more information on working with Dr. Kate, check out her website or contact her now! drkatecummins@gmail.com or (424)488-9973.

Dr. Kate’s favorite way of seeing a new place is sitting in a corner cafe and watching as people interact in their native culture. She is currently craving trips to South Africa for a wild safari. After living in an English castle during college, she caught the travel bug, and her world has never been the same.


Keith Bohan

Resident Foodie

Keith Bohan is an Irish writer, who travels full-time throughout Europe. Follow his adventures and misadventures at instagram.com/keithbohan


Aubrie Engman

Solo Travel Expert

Aubrie is an adventure travel blogger and travel planner who has been to over 40 countries and 5 continents. As a solo travel expert, she wants to inspire others to fulfill their travel dreams. Follow along on Aubrie’s blog and inspirational Instagram where you can see her vibrant red locks glamping in the American desert, exploring the temples of Tokyo, and running across Reynisfjara Beach.

Wendy Sue Knecht

Resident Flight Attendant & Product Expert

As a Pan Am flight attendant, Wendy saw a singular opportunity to create a rich and varied life that would take her from the comfort and predictability of a New Jersey suburb to the shores of Australia, the markets of Central America and the dazzling streets of Bombay. Her life adventures, exciting, funny, and at times terrifying, are chronicled in her new book, Life, Love and a Hijacking: My Pan Am Memoir. Life, Love and a Hijacking is more than a memoir.

Wendy shares her tips on fine dining, travel, staying slim on the road, cross cultural communications and how to pack that beautiful bag. Imaginative and upbeat, Wendy has a keen eye for the unusual and authentic and her travels ignited an entrepreneurial and inventive spark. She began a successful import business selling gift items she created from Guatemalan dolls, a favorite layover spot. Wendy continued flying part-time for Delta and working on private jets, while parlaying her love of fashion and design into a career as a style expert, hosting The Fashion Showcase, a segment created for her at the nation’s first shopping network, Shop At Home. Wendy designed a line of multi-tasking travel bags called Beyond A Bag, and licensed her designs to such major companies as Travelpro, Ricardo Beverly Hills, and Ganz, Inc. Capitalizing on her “gift of gab,” she sold her designs and many other products on-air, appearing hundreds of times at QVC and other shopping networks, domestic and international.

Today, with over 25 products and numerous trademarks and patents to her credit, Wendy continues to innovate, inspire, and of course, travel. Wendy married her most avid travel partner at age 47, and she continues to explore the world enthusiastically! As the principal owner of Connect Concepts, she invents and consults with companies and individuals on new product development, and continues to sell and license her product ideas. Original and optimistic, she remains true to her vision. “Keep your goals alive, never give up, and of course, travel as much as possible. Travel is the key to creating a life of extraordinary possibilities.”