Who we are

We are Collette, Scott, and baby Scotland, family travel journalists dedicated to inspiring & empowering families to travel. As a traveling family, we believe that there is no age limit on adventure and no limit to what families can accomplish together. We have 18 special years as a family and we hope you’ll join us as we dream big, explore more, and discover life.

In 2015, we decided to quit our jobs as corporate desk jockeys and redefine the American Dream. Since then, we have been traveling the world full-time, exploring off the beaten path locations and inspiring others through our active vagabond lifestyle.  We rented our house, quit our jobs, and threw caution to the wind all with an end goal of viewing the world and all its wonders. In 2022, we decided to grow our traveling family when we welcome our baby girl, Scotland, and our dog, Lucy, to the crew! Thank you for joining us on our family travel blog.


Collette Stohler

The Brains


Collette, or Coco, studied at the University of Pennsylvania where she also competed on their track & field team. This mighty mouse qualified for the Olympic Trials in Olympic Weightlifting and competes in CrossFit for CrossFit South Bay.

An avid CrossFitter and fitness nut, Collette is the author of the traveling fit book, Passport to Fitness. Prior to making the leap into vagabonding, she worked as a television writer and producer.

Coco’s favorite way of seeing a new place is by dropping into a CrossFit class or going for a run to explore the nooks and crannies of a new city. She is currently craving trips to Marrakech, Oman, and Bhutan. She loves penguins more than life itself and her dream destination is Antarctica.

Scott Stohler

The Brawn


A self proclaimed adrenaline junkie, Scott lives for shredding down the mountain on his snowboard, cutting up a lake with his wakeboard, or daringly jumping out of a helicopter over the Alps…all in pursuit of a healthy heart pump.

Scott received his Chemical Engineering degree from Purdue and worked for several large fortune 100 companies prior to making the leap to travel.  He’s an avid Crossfit athlete and competed for the Crossfit Southbay Team in Regional competition in 2013.

Scott’s favorite way to explore a city is by taste testing the local IPA’s or hit the slopes. He is currently craving a trip to heli-ski in Alaska or explore Antarctica.