Buenos Aires Argentina is the city of Malbec, incredible architecture, dulche de leche, and fütbol, is a city you won’t want to miss. Known as the “Paris of the south,” this city is rich in culture, gastronomy, and flavor. Here is our weekender guide for Buenos Aires.


10 am: Arrive and grab an espresso & empanadas at Punto y Banca in Palermo Viejo after your overnight flight.

12 pm: Hit the ground running and head to The Pink Palace or Casa Rosada, the home of Argentina’s president. It is named for the blend of the color of its two political parties (red and white), similar to that of the blue (for democrat) and red (for republican) in America.

buenos aires argentina
buenos aires argentina

1 pm: Take a walk down to see El Obelisco, a historic monument in Buenos Aires on Plaza de la República.

2 pm: Next, hit the nearby Teatro Colon, the main opera house in Buenos Aires and one of the top in the world. Take a tour of this famed Opera House or better yet, if you have time, check out an opera or see a ballet.

3 pm: Siesta time! This is imperative for a late night out in Buenos Aires.

6 pm: It’s time to head to Bar du Marché, a Palermo favorite, for a delectable wine & cheese pairing. Between 5-8 pm, they have an incredible 3 cheese / 3 wine Happy Hour pairing for 165 pesos (~$16 USD) For more on Bar du Marché, read our review here.

buenos aires argentina
buenos aires argentina

9 pm: Head down to Don Julio steakhouse, a local favorite. Make a reservation, as it can get very crowded. If you’re walking in, expect around a 40-minute wait.

Insider tip: If you go inside while you wait, you’ll score a free glass of champagne. Doesn’t that make the wait time go down a little smoother? We recommend ordering the Lomo (Tenderloin) and any of their incredible bottles of Malbec.

11 pm: Walk over to Costa Rica street for drinks at ultra hip Temple Bar. This indoor/outdoor bar is romantically lit and super laidback. If there is a fütbol game on that night, head to Sugar, a rowdy sports bar just down the street.

buenos aires argentina


10 am: Start your day off with a morning (or afternoon depending on how late you stayed out) run through one of the many parks in Buenos Aires Argentina .

11:30 am: After you’ve worked up an appetite, have breakfast with café con leche at In Bocca Al Lupo, a quaint Italian café.

1:30 pm: Head down to La Boca, the home of the tango. Lined with cobblestone streets and colorful homes, you won’t want to miss this picturesque city. La Boca is also home to the famous Boca Junior stadium.

buenos aires argentina

3:30 pm: Stop for some gelato and order the Dulce de Leche, a popular flavor of Buenos Aires akin to caramel.

5 pm: Siesta time!! Don’t you love this country? Rest your feet because you’re going to need them tonight!

7 pm: It’s time to Tango! Head over to La Viruta for cheap tango lessons. It takes two to tango, but bringing a partner is not necessary. If you choose to go alone, they will match you up with someone. And who knows? Maybe Fernando, the lustrous Latin will be ready to sweep you off of your feet.

buenos aires argentina

9 pm: Get your taste buds ready because they’re in for a treat at Sucre Restaurant, one of Buenos Aires’ trendiest dining rooms. The food is a fusion of Italian, Asian, Peruvian, and Spanish! Mmm…now I’m hungry.

11 pm: It’s time to show off your tango skills at a local Milonga, a lively dance house for tango. We recommend going to Milonga Parakultural at Salon Canning in Palermo Soho. Arrive around 11:30 pm, but the performers don’t start until around 2 am!

buenos aires argentina


11 am: Get your engines ready for the famed brunch at Nuestro Secreto in the legendary Four Seasons hotel.

12:30 pm: Head over to nearby Recoleta Cemetery to pay homage to famed first lady of Argentina, Eva Perón. Wander through the narrow alleys of graves as you admire the elaborate and ornate above the ground graves.

buenos aires argentina
buenos aires argentina

2 pm: Head over to the San Telmo Fair, which is held every Sunday in the oldest part of Buenos Aires. Lined with cobblestone streets and locals selling antiques, jewelry, old books, and arts & crafts, the San Telmo fair is a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

4 pm: Kick back and relax with some traditional Mate tea, a local (strong) favorite that is stuffed in a gourd with a metal straw.

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