Le Sirenuse embodies the simple pleasures of Positano; family, food, seaside simplicity, and storytelling. The beauty in Le Sirenuse is in the fact that it’s a place where you can pack your schedule with endless activities and gastronomical experiences or you can lean into “Il Dolce Far Niente,” – the art of doing nothing. There is no wrong answer here because anything and everything is possible at the luxury Positano hotel, Le Sirenuse.

The History

Le Sirenuse first opened its doors in 1951, when four siblings from Naples refurbished their families’ summer vacation home in Positano and brought their vision to life for a boutique luxury hotel on Amalfi’s coastline. The hotel first opened with 8 rooms and over the years has expanded to 58 rooms. While the hotel has grown in size, it still maintains a family-run feel. Many of the hotel’s restaurants and rooms are named in ode to its founders.

“Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.”

John Steinbeck


Restaurants and Bars

There are 3 delicious restaurants at Le Sirenuse to choose from. Aldo’s is the cocktail bar & seafood grill – also known as their champagne & oyster bar (that also serves dinner), there’s a swimming pool bar for lunch, and the Michelin-starred, La Sponda.

If you’re looking for a fancy night out, head to La Sponda, the Michelin-starred restaurant at the hotel. This romantic restaurant overlooks all of Positano and dishes up absolutely delectable dishes with romantic live music. We highly recommend the prix-fix menu (or whatever the chef recommends!) accompanied by a bottle of Krug champagne.


There are three bars at Le Sirenuse – Franco’s, Aldo’s, and the Don’t Worry bar. You can visit any of these bars …really at any time, but Aperitivo time is the best. Aperitivo is defined as a drink to whet your appetite and it’s an art in Italy…especially at Le Sirenuse. 🇮🇹

Aldo’s is lively, but intimate, specializing in a beautiful champagne selection accompanied by oysters. Aldo’s also serves dinner. Don’t Worry is the original hotel bar with a shrine to cocktail culture and it’s located within the hotel.  Franco’s is Positano’s coolest street side bar and it’s just steps from the hotel. Franco’s especially comes alive at night during high season during aperitivo and nightcap time. *Traveler tip: Arrive to Franco’s early as there are no reservations and no preferential treatment for hotel guests.


Dinner at the Michelin-starred La Sponda


Cocktails at Franco’s


One of the most attractive parts of Le Sirenuse is the cornucopia of complementary activities that allow you to experience the wonderful parts of Positano and the hotel at no extra charge. A few of the activities included are luxury boat tours around the coast, wine tastings with a sommelier, cocktail mixing classes, and olive oil tastings. LS has a calendar of activities to choose from during your stay. When you arrive at Le Sirenuse, you’ll receive a menu of weekly activities that you can partake in during your stay. If you can only choose one experience during your stay, we definitely recommend going out on their Sant’Angelo boat.

In addition to activities, the hotel is home to one of the most beautiful pools in the world, where you can sip spritzes with a view of the multicolored houses that sprinkle the mountains of Positano. There is also a full-service fitness center and spa.


One of the perks of staying at Le Sirenuse: The Private Hotel Boat!

Special Packages

On occasion (especially during the summer of 2021), Le Sirenuse has special packages that they offer to give the visitor the greatest amount of value and experiences during their stay. We stayed at Le Sirenuse in 2021 during the 70th anniversary of the hotel and thus, we booked the Le Sirenuse 70 package. This package (only available for sea view rooms and above) added a complimentary dinner for two at the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant, La Sponda, complete with a prix fixe menu and a bottle of Krug Grande Cuvee champagne. The package also included two preferred sunbeams on Positano’s main beach and a spa credit of 100 EUR. It also included a decadent breakfast and WiFi.

Roamaroo often receives special deals and upgrades at Le Sirenuse. If you’d like us to book your dream trip for you, please email collette@roamaroo.com