Traveling with a baby can feel overwhelming and stressful even for the most seasoned of travelers. Between diaper bags, bassinets, and strollers, it requires a lot of preparation and more “stuff” than you ever imagined. There are time zone changes, changes in routine, and my personal favorite fiasco: the blow out at 40,000 feet. We’ve put together a few key items that will help alleviate stress and make life easier when traveling with a baby.

Get your Slumberpod today! The SlumberPod is a portable blackout tent for baby. This privacy pod allows baby to nap and sleep in complete darkness without requiring blackout shades. This also means that when you travel with the SlumberPod, your baby can always sleep in darkness and you, (the parents), can keep the lights on in the room no matter what time it is. Use the code Roamaroo for $20 off your SlumberPod order!

Diaper Bag: I tried about half a dozen diaper bags before finding “the one,”The No Reception Club Getaway Bag. This bag was specifically designed for traveling parents and it put together the most organized travel diaper bag of my dreams. The backpack opens from the side for easy access shelves, multiple compartments including a dry bag section, a spot for my computer, AND it looks slick. It’s functional, it’s stylish, it slides right onto my carry-on bag, and it’s the perfect diaper bag for traveling with a baby. Use the code ROAMAROO20 for $20 off!!!


Photo by No Reception Club

Ceres Chill: Mamas work hard to produce breast milk and it can be nerve-wracking to go through TSA with your liquid gold! The Ceres Chill is a game changer for breast milk storage and it’s the only way I travel with my milk. It keeps up to 24 oz of breast milk cold for 20+ hours of chilling, it’s completely travel friendly, it looks just like a thermos, and it’s easy to transport. I slip the Ceres Chill into a pocket that fits the Diaper Bag just right and carry it everywhere. The Ceres Chill has two chambers: one for the milk and one for the ice. You can bring the Ceres Chill with you while traveling with a baby or even without.

Stroller: A great travel stroller can revolutionary when it comes to traveling with a baby. We love two travel strollers: the BabyZen Yoyo and the Bugaboo Butterfly. The BabyZen Yoyo has a newborn attachment so it’s a great option for traveling with a baby who is a newborn. The Bugaboo Butterfly travel stroller is made for traveling with a baby who is 6 months or older. Both are lightweight, have options for car seat attachments, and both travel strollers fold up to fit in the overhead compartment.


The Bugaboo Butterfly travel stroller folds and fits into the overhead compartment.

ErgoBaby Omni 360: I always recommend parents to wear their babies while traveling because it keeps your hands free for important items like passports and plane tickets. We always use the ErgoBaby Omni 360 as our carrier when traveling. It’s a fantastic baby carrier that works for babies and toddlers from 0 – 48 months.

Taking Cara Babies:  Every parent knows that the key factor for a great vacation is when your baby sleeps! The Taking Cara Babies sleep course helped our baby sleep over 10 hours a night by 3 months and was a total game changer for traveling with a baby.

Posh Peanut: Posh Peanut is an adorable baby clothing company that has fabulous clothes for baby travel. There are bathing suits, matching parent and baby outfit, and adorable prints. Use the code ROAMAROO for 20% off!

BabyQuip: BabyQuip hits the easy button on traveling with a baby and family travel overall. BabyQuip allows you to rent baby gear and child gear in your destination so that you don’t have to travel with it. BabyQuip will deliver your equipment directly to the airport or your hotel or vacation rental. Plus, all items are professionally cleaned before and after use. We LOVE renting the Snoo on our travels and it has helped us get MANY extra hours of sleep. You can also rent items like car seats, strollers, pack & plays, and beach tents. Use the code ROAMAROO for $20 off ($100 order minimum).