When we arrived in Argentina, we were overcome with excitement for many reasons. It is the home of tango, the famed Teatro Colon, the La Boca district, but most importantly, Argentina is the home of Malbec.  Like any self-proclaimed wine-o, we set off to find the best Malbec’s in the city. Staying in Palermo Soho, we were surrounded by dozens of quaint gelaterias and vinotecas so it was hard to distinguish which one would suit our taste buds best. Then we found it, our home away from home, Bar du Marché in Palermo Buenos Aires.

palermo buenos aires

Nestled on the delightful Nicaragua street, the red awnings and quaint outdoor tables beckoned our thirsty palettes.

palermo buenos aires

We took our table outside, seated side by side for perfect people watching. The menu was littered with every type of cheese you could imagine, ready to be impeccably paired with a glass (or two) of wine.

Our lovely waitress came by to take our orders and asked what types of wines and cheeses we usually liked. Scott chose a gouda, a parmesan, and a goat. I went with a gouda, a brie, and a goat cheese. We sat outside on the romantic streets of Palermo Buenos Aires. When the waitress arrived with our orders, we had three cheeses and three perfectly poured glasses of Argentinian wines.

palermo buenos aires

The delectable cheeses were magnificently matched up with luscious wines, which made the cheeses feel like velvet on our tongues. We were officially in heaven. One bite got better than the next and we were able to have three different Malbec variations from nearby Mendoza.

After our delightful wine tasting, we chose our favorite wine from the menu and ordered a full glass to enjoy with our people watching.

I highly recommend, “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree.” It was the best Malbec I’ve ever tasted and completely magnificent.

TIP: Head there between the hours of 5-8 pm for Happy Hour & you get a 3-cheese & 3-wine pairing for only 165 pesos (~16 USD). For more information on Bar du Marché in Palermo Buenos Aires, click here!

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