This article is sponsored by HP. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely our own.

Travel has taught us many life lessons and given us many gifts including open-mindedness, the acceptance of other cultures, new friends, and a lifelong education. It has also taught us about the direct impact that our actions have on our environment. While Mother Nature is bursting with so much beauty, it’s imperative that we take care of her each and every day in order to preserve her very essence. That’s why we choose sustainable products like the Hewlett Packard Renew Travel Backpack that help have a positive effect on the preservation of our environment so that we can continue to enjoy the world now and for generations to come.


Protecting Our Essentials & The Environment

Whenever we travel, we have a few commandments:

  • Only pack what you can carry (just like the famous Miss Piggy says, “never eat more than you can lift”)
  • Pack stylish and multi-functional items
  • Pack comfortable items
  • Pack environmentally conscious items

The HP Renew Travel Backpack checks all of our travel boxes and more. Here are some of the features that we absolutely love:

  • The HP Renew Travel Backpack is made from recycled plastic bottles, which helps the environment (7 bottles per HP Renew Travel Backpack!)
  • It has a reliable trolley strap so we can easily attach it to our suitcase
  • It has padded shoulder straps so that it’s comfortable to wear
  • It’s laptop friendly so we can carry our electronics with ease
  • It’s carry-on friendly so we never have to check our bags
  • It’s super stylish and looks sharp in and out of the airport

Sustainable Travel

We’ve seen firsthand how each decision and choice that a traveler makes can have a direct impact on the environment. Whether it’s plastic in our oceans, which we’ve seen in Saudi Arabia and Thailand, rising sea levels, which we’ve seen in Miami and the Maldives, overflowing landfills in Bali, or changing temperatures, which we’ve seen just about everywhere, it’s crucial that travelers take accountability for their actions and make changes in their everyday choices. It’s easy to fall into the mentality that one person’s actions don’t make a difference, but we’ve seen firsthand that each small choice can make a direct impact. Luckily, these small choices don’t have to be complicated. Traveling with the Hewlett Packard Renew Travel Backpack is one small, simple choice that puts us on the right track to traveling sustainably.


Plastics and The Environment

We’ve all read how damaging plastics can be to our environment, particularly in contributing to over 8 million tons of plastic in our oceans. While we’ve cut back on plastic use by using metal water bottles, bamboo cutlery when camping, and reusable grocery bags when shopping, we also use the Hewlett Packard Renew Travel Backpack which is made from recycled plastic bottles. Our economic system is not ready to get rid of plastic, but we can figure out creative ways to recycle and reuse it. We can all do our part in making travel and the world a more eco-friendly, sustainable place. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help guide you towards more sustainable traveling and living:

  • Does the business you’re supporting hire locally?
  • What materials does the business use to create the product you’re buying and what is the carbon footprint involved in manufacturing it?
  • Is the item recyclable?
  • Is the item single use?
  • Is the mode of transportation I’m using the most efficient and environmentally friendly?