Canggu is known for its health and wellness loving fans so of course we chose Canggu as our home base for our 6 weeks in Bali. For us adventure seeking fitness lovers, Canggu has it all. North of sassy Seminyak, Canggu is remote enough to hide from the tourist crowds. The population in Canggu is filled with locals, expats, and surfers. We connected with the healthy, soulful yoga vibes, the adventurous and active escapades, epic surf and sunsets, and the dynamic digital nomad life that exists in excellent Canggu.

Through our 6 weeks of living in Bali, we visited just about every health and fitness establishment we could get our hands on! While Canggu has been a little slice of heaven tucked far away from the throngs of tourists, the secret is out and we’re ready to share it with the world! Enjoy our top 5 healthiest experiences in Canggu with what to do in Canggu Bali!

1. S2S CrossFit

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CrossFitters, rejoice! If Canggu couldn’t get any better as is, they actually have a CrossFit here too! S2S CrossFit is the first and only CrossFit on the island of Bali (with a new location in Jimbaran Bay). While staying fit on the road can pose difficult, S2S CrossFit makes it easy. Unlike many other gyms, S2S CrossFit focuses on two core values – community and safety, and that is ever apparent in the strong group they’ve built. S2S is the perfect place to get a killer workout and meet likeminded travelers!

2. The Dose

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If you’re in Bali, then you have to get DOSED! The Dose is the fast and easy cure-all way to feeling refreshed, revitalized, and hydrated! (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and am solely speaking from experience) I like to think of The Dose as my body’s guardian angel. This portable service comes directly to your hotel room, villa, lounge chair, place of comfort, to deliver hydration and essential vitamins directly to your bloodstream via IV. We went with the ultimate package, packed with vitamin C, glutathione, B vitamins, electrolytes, saline, and collagen. I wish I took a before & after photo because you could see and feel the results instantly. My face looked fuller, my energy levels were up, and I felt replenished. This is the perfect cure if you’ve imbibed in a few too many Bintang beers, but it’s also great for jet lag and overall health.

3. Yoga at Desa Seni

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Leave Canggu? Namaste! The yoga garden compound of Desa Seni is a zen paradise. Concentrate on your breath through hatha yoga, get your creative juices flowing with creative flow, or practice meditation in their wooden bale.

4. Bali Balance

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Skincare is a vital part of our personal healthcare. I was so excited to come across Bali Balance. I’d like to call Bali Balance my skincare savior! After months of traveling on the road, their all natural, coconut oil based ingredients hydrated my skin and gave me that dewy, healthy glow. All of the products at Bali Balance are locally sourced and there are no artificial ingredients. The team at Bali Balance is also environmentally friendly as no palm oil is used in the making of their products in order to preserve the precious palm trees that are being chopping down all across Indonesia.

5. Bronz Spa

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Bronz is the ultimate Aussie spa finally opened an outpost in Bali and it is the perfect place to pamper yourself. After working hard in the gym and in yoga, we indulged in a couples massage and couples pedicure. Bronz is the best spa we’ve experienced in Bali and we cannot recommend it enough! Plus, once you’re done, you can enjoy a meal at nearby Watercress Café. Delish!

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What are your favorite places to stay fit in Canggu? Comment below!