Welcome to Ojai California, a hippie hideaway that’s only 80 miles from Los Angeles, but a world away from it all. Ojai exudes a sense of slowness. It’s a wellspring of adventure and wellness. An oasis of olive trees and pixie citrus fruits. A valley of spectacular sunsets. And most of all, an unparalleled energy (there are supposedly seven energy vortexes here!)

This Valley of Wellness is located in Ventura County, about 45 minutes from Santa Barbara and 90 minutes from Los Angeles. The tiny town has a gorgeous mediterranean climate and plenty of organic agriculture, live music options, a vibrant art scene, and unparalleled sunsets. These sunsets are so famous that they’ve been deemed the “Pink Moment” as the sunlight hits the Topatopa Mountains bathing the Ojai Valley in shades of picture perfect pink.


The Ojai Valley was home to the Chumash Indians before it turns into a Spanish land grant. The city was then named Ojai, a native Chumash word meaning “the Nest.”

Another amazing part about Ojai is that big box chain stores were outlawed in 2007 by the locals in order to keep the authenticity of this magical place. We’re going to show you exactly what to do for this peaceful getaway that is less than 90 miles from LA!

Best Hotel in Ojai California

While there are a handful of cute inns in Ojai, the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa is by far, the premier hotel in Ojai California. From its world class spa to its unparalleled amenities and five-star service, the Ojai Valley Inn is a destination in itself.

If you’re camping, opt for nearby Dennison Park. This no-frills campground is only 4 miles from downtown Ojai and costs ~$20/night.


The Ojai Valley Inn is one of the best hotels in California!

Where to Eat in Ojai California

  • Azu: Azu is a Spanish Mexican Restaurant with craft cocktails and delicious food in downtown Ojai. We highly recommend dining here and making a reservation well ahead of time!
  • The Nest: The Nest has a wide variety of delicious California cuisine. There are plenty of healthy options here as well!
  • Ojai Rotie: For low-key, but delicious dining, head to Ojai Rotie for the best rotisserie chicken in the area!
  • Ranch House: Located in the Ojai Valley, the Ranch House prepares local and fresh ingredients and organic, grass-fed, and free-range foods from farm to table.
  • Ojai Deer Lodge: If you want to enjoy a laidback, local vibe, head to the Ojai Deer Lodge. It’s the oldest restaurant and tavern in Ojai complete with outdoor fire pits, a pool table, and delicious barbecue.

Best Things to do in Ojai California

  • Ride the Ojai Bike Trail: Whether you want a leisurely cruise or a heart pumping cycling adventure, enjoy a ride on the Ojai Bike trail!
  • Ojai Olive Oil company: If you’re olive oil fans like us, you’ll absolutely love the Ojai Olive Oil company. This olive oil is completely local and absolutely delicious!
  • Go Wine Tasting at the various tasting rooms that sprinkle downtown Ojai: Downtown Ojai has an abundance of tasting rooms to enjoy. We recommend The Ojai Vineyard Tasting Room, Casa Barranca Winery, and Majestic Oak.
  • Visit Bart’s Books, an al fresco book store: Bart’s Books is a unique outdoor bookstore that has hundreds of books to choose from. Even if you don’t want to buy a book, it’s worth walking around and perusing!
  • Stop into its art galleries and local stores: Ojai is known for its fine art galleries and boutique stores. Walk or drive along Ojai Avenue and enjoy a leisurely afternoon popping into the plethora of stores and galleries.
  • Go hiking in Los Padres National Forest: There are dozens of great hikes around the Ojai area and the Topatopa Mountains.
  • Rock-climb in Wheeler Gorge: There is fantastic sport climbing in Wheeler Gorge – less than 15 minutes from downtown Ojai. Check out Mountain Project to figure out which climbs are best for you!

Wine tasting is a must in Ojai. Don’t worry, this puppy isn’t old enough to drink!


Rock Climbing is a great way to adventure in Ojai