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 As you guys know, I’m a bit of a fashionista so I try to strut my stuff around the world any chance I get. Whether I’m at home or on the road, I always want to represent my world of wanderlust in any way I can. That’s why I was so excited to come across Sea Bags and CHART Metalworks, two wanderlust worthy items made in the coastal city of Portland, Maine for travelers who want to “Seas the Day!” Bear with me…there will be plenty of cheesy boat puns!

sea bags

I fell in love with the sea at a young age, but truly gave my life to travel after sailing the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia in 2010. Nothing compares to waking up to the fresh sunshine summoning me from my slumber, the smell of the sea whirling me awake, and the open sea prepping me for another day of adventure. It’s “aboat time” I found accessories that can keep up with my sailor spirit! Now I can take the sea with me everywhere I go.

The Story Behind Sea Bags 

Like every great sailor, there are stories to be told! The “tale of the sail” is that Sea Bags are made from actual recycled sails! Sea Bags collects its sails through a network of passionate boaters and makes them into products by hand in Portland, Maine. In the past 16 years, they have saved over 500 tons of material from going into landfills!

The Bags

There are dozens of delicious bags that are just beckoning you for a beach vacation! While the decision was difficult, I decided on the Sea Bags Chebeague Island Duffel and X-Large Navy Anchor Tote. The duffel is my sightseeing savior. It’s super stylish and beyond adorable. I recently took it on a weekend getaway to Mammoth Mountain proving that you don’t need the sea to see some vacation time!

The X-Large Navy Anchor Tote can fit all of your needs. It’s so big it can almost fit me! (No joke!) My favorite way to use the anchor tote is at the beach of course. We live in Hermosa Beach, California, the volleyball capital of the world so the beach is a regular occasion for us. My X-Large Navy Anchor Tote comes with us on our weekend visits to the beach and I pack our speaker, volleyball, towel, snacks and shades.


Jewelry for Travel

We all know that I never check a bag to travel, which is why my accessories are oh so important. When I came across CHART Metalworks, it was love at first sight. When I look for jewelry, I want something that is going to make a grand statement, while also taking up little room in my carry-on! With dozens of locations to customize my jewelry with, it’s an added bonus that it also speaks to my gypsy soul. I love that these CHART Metalworks jewels are so versatile. I can rock them on the airplane or I can dress them up with a little black dress!

I ordered the Peltro Triplo Compass Rose Charm Necklace and the Expandable Vintage Boundary Bangle, two charmed pieces of jewelry that can accompany me on my world travels. No matter how far I go, home is always where the heart is so I made sure to order my customized jewelry with my home of Los Angeles on it. No matter where I go, home is never very far!