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I’ve always believed in taking the road and mountain less traveled. To me, success is measured by pushing myself beyond self-imposed and societally imposed limits and pushing myself to be the best me that I can be. I recently headed up to the central coast of California for a long weekend filled with challenging hikes along the rugged and romantic coastline. As part of my winter packing list, I ordered the new North Face ThermoBall Eco Hoodie Jacket to keep me comfortable, warm, and ready to take on the adventure of the mountains.


As a SoCal gal, I’m not used to cold weather. I’ve always heard there is no such thing as cold weather, just ill prepared clothing. I knew I had to fully outfit myself in preparation for this adventurous vacation. I logged onto Zappos and ordered North Face clothing that would prep me for epic escapades. The North Face has been helping people achieve their goals for over 50 years so I knew they’d be the athletic outfitter to help me achieve my own adventurous goals.

My Central Coast Adventure

To start my winter packing list, I needed the key item: my jacket! I ordered the North Face ThermoBall Eco Jacket because it’s lightweight, warm, and packs into its own pocket so it easily packed into my carry-on bag. The innovative ThermoBall Eco Hoodie Jacket made me feel stylish, confident, comfortable, and warm on my coastal California adventures. Fun fact: I actually traveled with this jacket (an older version) on my 18-month trip around the world in 2015! It is the best jacket for travel! 

Next up on my winter packing list: the rest of my outfit. I ordered workout pants, a half-zip fleece as a base layer, a cute hat with a pom pom to keep me warm, amazingly comfortable hiking boots to help me trek the mountains, and a super comfortable backpack to pack my water bottle and other necessities for my hike. Another fun fact — I used to travel with this same North Face backpack on my around the world trip back in 2015. Sensing a theme here, North Face? You’re simply the best when it comes to adventure travel!


Zappos Benefits

Not only was the clothing super comfortable and stylish, but Zappos delivered my winter packing list clothes at the speed of lightning. Here are The Benefits of Ordering with Zappos:

  • Fast Shipping
  • Free shipping
  • 365 return policy
  • Range of styles
  • World class customer service
  • Fits perfectly in the busy lifestyle

Packing Tips for Winter Adventures


When it comes to packing for your fall and winter adventures, here are a few tips and tricks for what to bring for your winter packing list:

  • Jacket: You’ll want a jacket that has enough insulation to keep you warm, is water repellent, and wind resistant while also being lightweight and portable.
  • Shoes: This may be the single most important part of your adventure outfit. Comfortable shoes can make or break a hike. You’ll want hiking shoes that fit comfortably in length and width on your foot and are specific to hiking so they can grip the mountain floor. Prior to leaving for your trip, make sure to go on a few practice hikes / walks to break these in.
  • Base Layers: For fall and winter adventures, base layers are absolutely necessary. Lightweight, moisture wicking cottons are best to start with, followed by a warm fleece layer. 
  • Hats: You can lose up to 10% of your heat from your head so if you’re on an outdoor adventure this winter, make sure to pack a hat to keep your head nice and warm.
  • Sunscreen: Even in the winter months, you’ll want to cover up with SPF 30 or higher on your outdoor adventures.