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Rimowa has been a staple in the travel world since 1898. The German engineered luggage company creates suitcases so splendid that they are seen as works of art in the travel space. To an aviation geek like me, they’re simply sexy. While Rimowa Luggage might cost more than an actual flight, there is no denying owning this exclusive luggage is a status symbol for frequent flyers. I’ve dreamt about this suitcase, fantasized even, about owning this luxurious luggage for years. Since I’m on a flight nearly every week, I decided it was time to upgrade my roll aboard bag. I headed up to the Rimowa store on ritzy Rodeo Drive and purchased the new Rimowa Essential Cabin Bag.

First of all, meet Reina, the Rimowa.

Yes, I name all of my bags (heck, I spend more time with Reina than I do with my own bed!) Now that Reina and I have had some time to get to know each other, I can tell you that I am extremely happy with my Rimowa bag purchase. Not only is Reina a sturdy piece of German engineering, but let’s be honest – I feel like a total rock star with her by my side. But is the Rimowa Essential Cabin bag worth the steep $700 price tag? You’ll have to read on to find out!

Fast Facts:


Weight: 8.6 lbs

Volume: 9.8 Gallons / 36 Liters

Size: 21.7 x 15.8 x 9.1 with wheels

Rimowa Essential Cabin Bag

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The Design

The Rimowa Essential Cabin bag is the first polycarbonate suitcase from the German brand. I’ve been fortunate enough to take this extraordinary bag around the world with me and I can tell you that its design is a beautiful work of art. The Rimowa design is sleek, simple, and 100% sexy. There are no unnecessary accouterments – it’s form and function at its finest.

Pros of the Rimowa Essential

Sturdy: The Rimowa Essential has four wheels and weighs 8.6 pounds. It is a sturdy suitcase that can hold a heavy backpack without toppling over.

Easy Gliding: The Multiwheel System on the Rimowa allows the luggage to effortlessly glide across the floor. It can even roll on carpet! Each wheel can spin 360-degrees, which makes the bag easy to transport.

TSA Approved Locks: The Rimowa Essential has TSA-approved locks that are easy to set and open.

Flex Divider: It’s easy to keep packed items organized with the dividers.

Telescopic Handle: The handle easily slides up and down and makes the Rimowa Essential easy to maneuver.

The Finish: Rimowa has always had a sleek design, but they also have a wide variety of colors to choose from. In addition to its multiple colors, the Cabin Essential bag comes in a glossy finish and a matte finish.

Warranty: The Rimowa Essential comes with a 5-year warranty. If anything happens to your Rimowa, you can take it into a store or ship it back!

Cons of the Rimowa Essential

The Shape of the Handle: The Rimowa Essential’s handle has lips on the edges. While this is fine for pure handling, I slide my backpack over the handle of my roll aboard bag and my backpack now catches on the lips. It’s easy to slide the bag onto the handle, but my backpack always gets caught on the handle when I’m taking it off.

It Scratches Easily: Reina’s first trip was to Vegas (she likes to party). Before we could even exit McCarran airport, she had her first injury: a large scratch on her front side (gasp! I shed a tear). While I knew this moment would happen one day, I didn’t expect it to happen so soon! Unfortunately, the polycarbonate scratches easily and shows the scratch on the beautiful matte black finish. Perhaps the white color or gloss finish wouldn’t show the scratch as much. What can I say? Some chicks just can’t handle Vegas 😉

Overall Thoughts on the Rimowa Essential

The Rimowa Essential Cabin bag is a beautiful and functional carry-on suitcase for domestic and international travel. While the $700 price tag is steep, it is well worth the investment for frequent travelers.