Let’s face it, it’s hard to stay in shape on the road. With wacky travel time, messy sleep schedules, and constant temptation (hello, local beer!), it’s no wonder our belts are usually a little tighter when we arrive home. But here at Roamaroo, we love to find new and improved workout plans to keep our bikini bodies while traveling. We’ve traveled all areas of the world and we understand how hard it can be to break a sweat in a foreign country with all the temptations.  To battle the travel bulge, we put together special workout plans just for you, this one is called The 100’s. These workout plans are your anytime, anywhere, no gym, no equipment workout. Roam on!

Now that you’ve tried one of our Wanderlust Workout Plans tell us what you think.   Was it too hard? Too easy? Where did you do it, hotel room? beach? We love hearing of unique places where people enjoyed our workout plans.  It’s hard staying fit on the road but after completing this you’ve definitely earned that local beer or extra dessert.  Check back regularly as we’ll create more workout plans in the future.