The Blue Mosque is a must-see sight in Istanbul. Built in the 17th century, this mosque is still active today and thus, we have to abide by a certain dress code. Both men and women have to adhere to the rules (rules? Bummer!), but if you follow these simple attire tips, you’ll be admiring the Blue Mosque (and the multitude of other mosques) in no time!


  • Wear Pants – Men must wear pants that cover their legs.
  • No Tank Tops – Mosques are conservative – now is not the time to show off the gun show.
  • Bring socks – To enter the Blue Mosque, you must take off your shoes. In order to protect you from everyone else’s feet, do yourself a favor and bring socks.


  • Wear a long dress or long pants – Legs must be covered in order to enter the Blue Mosque.
  • Cover your shoulders – No itty-bitty spaghetti straps, tube tops, or tank tops. Women must cover their shoulders while in the Blue Mosque. Women don’t need to wear a sweater, but they cannot show shoulder or upper arm skin. An elbow length or full length shirt is recommended.
  • Wear a headscarf – It is pertinent that ladies hair is not out in public. Tie your hair in a low bun and wrap your head in a scarf. Just think of it as your excuse to buy a cashmere or silk scarf at the Grand Bazaar!
  • Bring socks – Like their male counterparts, women have to take their shoes off to enter the Blue Mosque. Protect your tootsies by wearing socks into the mosque.

If you didn’t bring this type of clothing, don’t worry. The Blue Mosque has clothing to borrow. Also, looking for other things to do in Istanbul?  Check out our list of the Best things to do in Istanbul.  Enjoy!