Medellin Colombia was long known as a city to fear. 20 years ago, this city in Colombia was at the heart of the Colombian drug wars. But years after Pablo Escobar’s death, Medellin Colombia has overcome its past through a remarkable urban renewal effort. Combine the heavenly warm weather with its miraculous mass transit cable car system and Medellin has quickly become one of the most progressive cities in all of South America. Just a short hop away from the main city of Bogota, Colombia’s second city is the place to be for a memorable weekend.


12 pm: Settle into your apartment close to the hip Parque Lleras. We recommend using an AirBnb such as this London Themed Apartment.

medellin colombia

2 pm: Skip the pricey tourist trap tours and visit the grave of infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar on your own. Located in the upscale cemetery of Cemetario Jardins Monstesacre, you can pay homage to the entire Escobar family laid to rest in the small town of Itagui.

5 pm: Head to the hip Parque Lleras neighborhood and grab a six-pack of local Colombian beer. Join the throngs of locals having a relaxing afternoon beer in the park.

8 pm: Head to a southern part of Medellin to dine on massive portions of local Colombian food at Where Gloria. Order the pork rinds. Seriously.


9 am: Rise and shine! Take a 12,000 pesos bus (~5 USD) or rent a driver to head to the beautiful pueblo of Guatapé. Located about 2 hours outside of Medellin, this sprawling lake was once home to Pablo Escobar’s vacation home. Climb the 740 steps to the top of the Guatapé rock or go wakeboarding on the lake.

medellin colombia

1 pm: Head to Guatapé town and dine on a typical Colombian meal of rice, beans, arepa, plantains, and chorizo at one of the various waterfront restaurants.

medellin colombia

3 pm: Head into the Guatapé square, a quaint colorful town filled with colonial homes and shops. If it’s a hot day, grab an ice cream cone as you take in the bright and beautiful town.

8 pm: Time to dine at Carmen, a hip Medellin Colombia eatery near Parque Lleras. Dine on pork that was cooked slowly for 12 delicious hours and drizzled with a palm sugar glaze.

10:30 pm: Head to the rooftop of the hip Charlee Hotel located in Parque Lleras. Take in one of the best views in all of Medellin from this high point.


10 am: Grab breakfast at D’Andres, one of the only places you can find a full breakfast complete with pancakes, eggs, bacon, and all the fixings you could dream of.

12 pm: Take the metro to the cable car in Medellin. This cable car that rises high above the favelas of the city has won numerous awards for its groundbreaking mass transportation system that made it possible for people to bypass the gang-riddled neighborhoods outside of Medellin in order to work in the city.

medellin colombia

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