Cartagena Colombia is one of the few places in the world that effortlessly possesses old world charm. Located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, this city is the perfect gateway to getaway in South America. The center of Cartagena’s beauty is right inside of its historical walled city. With its cobblestone streets, colorful colonial homes, and charismatic citizens, Cartagena Colombia is the absolute perfect place for your next vacation.


10 am: Welcome to Cartagena! Kick off your weekend with a cup of Juan Valdez coffee. With year round hot temperatures, you’ll want to make this one an iced coffee. Reserve a boat with This is Cartagena for tomorrow’s trip to the Rosario Islands.

10:30 am: Take a walk around the old walled city of Cartagena. The town is surrounded by Las Murallas, the walls that were built to protect from other countries trying to siege the city.

Savor local snacks like arepas (corn) and fresh mango, take in the architecture, and enjoy the sounds of the horse drawn carriages.

1 pm: Grab a seat outside at La Cevicheria, a Cartagena staple for fresh seafood. Cool off with delicious tangerine sangria while you nosh on local fare fresh from the sea. We recommend the mixed ceviche and the Real Supreme Bastimento Panama Island.

4 pm: Time for a Cuban cigar at local favorite, Tabaco & Ron. Order a 23-year-old rum on the rocks and a Behike cigar and revel in the sounds of Cuban jazz. Ask for Atkin, the adorable waiter that never stops smiling!

6 pm: Head to local favorite Café Del Mar to watch a beautiful Cartagena sunset. Located on the edge of the walled city, directly on top of the wall, this café boasts soothing deep house music while you watch the sun slip under the Caribbean Sea. TIP: For a delightful sunset cocktail at a quarter of the price, grab a 6-pack and bring it to the wall next to Café Del Mar, you’ll enjoy the music and the view without the price tag.

8:30 pm: Dine at Juan Del Mar for the most delectable seafood dinner. Order a bottle of wine and the noodle Paella. Its delicious amalgam of fresh seafood is complimented with the vibrant flavors of the spices and noodles.

10:00 pm: Take a horse drawn buggy around the perimeter of the city to really cover all of Cartagena.

11 pm: Even though you’ll want to go out on the town, head home for a nightcap. You have a big day tomorrow!


8:30 am: Rise & shine! Head to the Marina Santa Cruz in the Manga neighborhood to pick up your boat to head out to the Rosario Islands!

9:30 am: Stop and swim at Isla Grande, a tropical turquoise paradise. Grab a tube and float in the warm Caribbean waters as you sip on an ice-cold Club Colombia beer.

10:30 am: Grab a fresh langostine snack from a nearby fisherman. You can’t miss them..they row by you in canoes. Squirt a little lime on it and you’re ready for the next island!

12 pm: Time for lunch! Head to Cholon where you can dine on fresh seafood and drink pina coladas out of coconuts in knee-deep water. Grab an overwater hut and have a waiter bring you a table and chairs. Dine on fresh langostine, fish, coconut rice, and fried plantains. Remember, everything is a haggle here so be prepared to walk away to look for the best deal.

1 pm: Turn the music up in your boat and relax in the azul waters of Cholon.

4 pm: Head to Playa Blanca, a long strip of untouched white sand beach. Take a dip in the water and go for a walk on the beach before heading back to Cartagena.

8:30 pm: Dine at Peru, an enchanting restaurant with juicy meats and seafood. Grab an espresso to keep the party going!

12 am: Walk over to Dante’s, a local nightclub where you can dance the night away to music that pumps until the sun rises.


11 am: Time to sleep in after your late night dancing at Dante’s. Don’t worry; no matter how hard it may be to rise, a magical Cartagena day awaits you.

12 pm: Head over to the Movich Hotel, a stunning small boutique hotel that offers a day pass to non-hotel guests. For 150,000 pesos or ~$65 USD, you gain access to the rooftop of the hotel, where you can swim with 360-degree views of Cartagena. The best part is, half of the day pass goes to food & beverage purchases. For more on the Movich Hotel rooftop, visit our Best Pools in Cartagena.

6 pm: Grab a cocktail and your loved one and enjoy the sun as it sets on the Caribbean waters of Cartagena.

If you have the time, we recommend spending an entire week in Cartagena to explore the islands and nearby cities.

What are your favorite places to visit in Cartagena? Comment below!

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