Bodrum, the Turkish sin city on the Aegean is known for its crystal clear waters, dazzling jet set crowd, and hot summer nights. Formerly a small fishing village, this city has revamped itself into a jet set hot spot, but has managed to retain its old-world charm. The only thing that glitters more than the exotic Aegean Sea is its dazzling crowd.


12 PM: Time to get this party started! First things first, get over that jet lag with a strong Turkish coffee. Step 1. Order sugar cube into coffee. Step 2. Drink coffee. Step 3. Wash it down with water and don’t drink the grinds.

4:00 PM: As the heat of the day cools off, head to Bodrum castle, a structure from yesteryear, where you can walk through old shipwrecks and view the harbor and town below. This castle is at the center of Bodrum town and it is a stop you won’t want to miss.

9:00 PM: Dinner at Berk Balik in Bodrum city center. At Berk Balik, you can pick the freshest selection of fishes to dine on. Watch the sunset while you drink Turkish Sauvignon Blanc and dine on fresh sea bass or the catch of the day.

11:00 PM: Wind through the Bodrum bazaar where shops sell imitation goods (and good imitations if I do say so myself) at bargain prices. Have your hand at haggle.

12:00 AM: Reward your haggle with a night out at Halikarnas. This mega-club is the largest open-air club in the entire world and is home to Bodrum’s glitterati. With sweeping views of Bodrum Harbor, a starry sky above you, raise your hands up and shake what your mama gave ya.


12 PM: Rise and shine (yes, at noon…it’s Bodrum) and head to Xuma Beach in Yalikavak for an invigorating yoga session. This one-stop shop is essential for anyone coming through Bodrum.

2 PM: Join the throngs of fellow gypsies for a gastronomical lunch at Xuma’s seaside restaurant.

3 PM: Dive into the Aegean and try your hand at watersports like jet boarding or wakeboarding!

5:30 PM: As the sun goes down, it’s time to turn up. Xuma hosts a sundowner party that the entire peninsula flocks to in droves. Order some rosé and whip that hair as you dance with the gypsy glitterati at Xuma.

10:00 PM: Dinner at ultra hip outpost, Nobu, from chef Nobu Matsuhisa. In the heart of the mega-yacht marina in Yalikavak.

12:00 AM: Time to dance with the elite of Bodrum at Billionaire Club, located in the same place as Nobu. Billionaire Bodrum is located inside the Palmali marina with sweeping views of the coast of Yalikavak.


10 AM: Rent a traditional Turkish gullet boat in the Bodrum marina for a day out in the Aegean Sea.

12:00 PM: Make your first stop at Meteor Bay, a must see in Bodrum. For the daring (ahem, Scott), take a leap off of the cliff nearb into the 20m deep water. Assume at your own risk!

1:00 PM: Enjoy a fresh lunch of sea bass on the back of your gullet boat.

3:00 PM: Last chance for a dip! Swim in the flawless waters of Rabbit Bay. Grab a pair of goggles and snorkel around. You’ll be able to see 30+ feet down to the bottom. WOW!

What are your favorite places to visit in Bodrum? Comment below!

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