Portugal is a country known for its incredible food, Fado, and fabulous wines and it is the perfect place for your next road trip. With its vast coastline that runs from the border of Spain through the Algarve, up the coast to pass Lisbon, and up to the famed Porto (home of you guessed it, port!), it’s the perfect place to drive and explore on your next holiday. We recommend 10 days in this beautiful country, as there is so much to see and do! Now is the time to visit Portugal so start planning!

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Days 1-2: Porto

  • Taste Port: While in Porto, you absolutely must enjoy a proper port tasting. Visit Kopke House for a delicious port and chocolate pairing!
  • Visit the Ponte De Luis I Bridge: Visit this monolithic double-decker structure that towers over the Douro River.
  • Walk the Praça da Ribeira: Take a walk down in the Praça de Ribeira district where tiled houses line the street by the Douro River.
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Days 3-4: Douro Valley

  • Take a Boat Ride: Enjoy a view of the Douro Valley via boat. For just 10 Euro, you can enjoy an unsullied view of the immaculate vineyards and mountains of the Douro Valley.
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  • Visit Wineries: Hello, Captain Obvious! When in the Douro Valley, one must visit wineries. We recommend visiting Quinta do Pôpa, located high above the Douro River. The views are absolutely amazing and the wines are lovely.
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Days 5-7: Lisbon

There is so much to see and do in the capital of Portugal! Here are our favorite stops in Lisbon:

  • Pastries at Pastéis de Bélem: Start the day at the most famous bakery in Portugal, Pastéis de Bélem. This popular spot for locals and tourists alike has the absolute best pastry we’ve ever tasted in the Skip the long line for take-away and instead, head to the restaurant where you can order a cappuccino and the famed pastel de nata pastry. Only 3 people in the entire world know the recipe to this illustrious pastry. Many bakeries try to replicate this, but none surpass the delectable dessert at Pastéis De Bélem.
  • A night of Fado! Fado is the Portuguese genre of music, famous for its melancholy nature. Try an authentic Fado tour with Trip4Real, where they take you to A Tasco do Chico, a tiny hole in the wall restaurant/bar with authentic Fado. Close your eyes and feel the emotion of the music.
  • A sunset at PARK: On top of an unassuming parking lot with absolutely no signage is PARK, the ultimate cocktail jaunt in Lisbon. Take the elevator up to the top and keep going as high as you can. There will never be any signage. Once you’re at the top, enjoy a sunset over the water and the beautiful rooftops of Lisbon.
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  • Walk through the Alfama: The Alfama is the oldest district in all of Lisbon. Take a walk through its winding cobblestone streets and colorful walls.
  • Visit the Main Square: The main square of Lisbon is one of the largest in Europe. Take a walk through history and enjoy a beautiful view of the water in this famous square.
  • Take a Cooking Class: Portugal is known for its dining and what better way to experience its food than with a local chef? Sign up for a cooking class with Cooking Lisbon and create an authentic Portuguese meal on your own!
  • Dine at the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon: Enjoy the best Sunday brunch in all of Lisbon at the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon.

Days 8-10: Lagos

The pearl of the Algarve, Lagos is the perfect picturesque place to park for a few days on your road trip. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Golden Coast and the fresh seafood served daily.

  • Take a Hike: Hike from the city center along the coast to Praia do Camilo. Walk down the stairs to the beach and enjoy a stroll on the beach. Then hike up the steps (it’s your workout for the day!) and continue on to and Ponta da Piedade. Once at Piedade, walk down the stairs to view the dramatic rocks arching and jutting out of the Atlantic Ocean. The best time to do this is mid-day when the sun is shining perfectly on the rocks and you can see through the azure water.
  • Stay at Chez Viegas: The best AirBnb in the world can be found at Chez Viegas. Right in the city center, it has the perfect location for you to commence your visit to Lagos. José, the owner, will help you with the perfect program for your stay in Lagos. José goes above and beyond just letting you rent his home, but he truly hosts you with 5-star service. If you want to stay at the Four Seasons of AirBnb’s, choose Chez Viegas. You’ll leave Lagos with a friend!
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  • Take a Boat Ride Around Lagos: View the dramatic rocks of the Golden Coast from a different perspective by taking a boat ride around the coast.
  • Visit the Monte Da Casteleja Winery: Not all wine is located in the Douro Valley! Visit Monte Da Casteleja, an incredible organic boutique vineyard, and taste their delectable wines.
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Portugal has been one of our favorite countries and we could have spent much longer than 10 days! If time allows, stay 2 weeks and extend your stays in Lisbon and Lagos!

What are your favorite places to visit in Portugal? Comment below!

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