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As someone who spent over 100 hours in the air in 2016, I understand firsthand the toll that traveling can take on your beauty routine. While first class fare and ski trips to Nagano can do wonders for your bucket list, they’re not the kindest when it comes to your skincare system. Whether you’re off on another business trip or jet setting to a girlfriend getaway in Copenhagen, I’ve put together the ultimate list of travel beauty essentials, just for you!

Before You Fly:

Makeup Remover

Remove all of your skin makeup (eyes are ok, as long as you’re not sleeping). It’s important to cleanse the skin prior to flying, as you’ll want to prep the skin for hydration. These TSA friendly wipes can come directly on the plane with you!

In the Air:

amazing space


If there is one product and one product only that I could recommend for your beauty routine, it would be the Beauty Sleep Mask from Amazing Space by Laura Bonné. I first was introduced to this product during a facial at the Amazing Space Spa at the D’Angleterre Hotel in Copenhagen. While that was hands down the best facial I’ve ever experienced, I was able to take the spa with me on my travels with the Beauty Sleep Mask. After cleansing my face, I apply the sleep mask to my face and neck, allowing the moisture to lock in for a long flight.

amazing space

Oxygen Elixir

Hydration is the absolute most important piece of the skincare puzzle for travel. When asked about the one product they would recommend most, the Amazing Space Spa says, “While traveling, under long flights, the key is hydration. Amazing Space Oxygen Elixer capsules, with Q10 enzymes, hydrate the skin and give a beautiful glow.  Perfect for the jet lag and the sleep-deprived traveller! “

Eye Cream

It is especially important to protect the sensitive eye area while traveling. I apply an eye cream to the area to keep my skin hydrated on the flight.

Evian Spray

Bring the hydration directly to your face with Evian Facial Spray. These handy bottles come in 1.7 oz. containers so you can carry it directly on the plane with you.

At Your Destination:

amazing space

Face Oil

After a arduous air travel day, sooth your face with an anti-inflammatory and soothing face oil like the Rosehip Repair from Amazing Space.

Dry Shampoo

My favorite hair care products are Oribe. They style well and smell delicious (no, I’m not sniffing my hairspray, but if I had to – it would be Oribe). This is the perfect product to boost your flat and oily hair after a long flight.

Split End Seal

Keep your hair healthy and hydrated with the Oribe Split End Seal Beauty Treatment.

Electric Toothbrush

Keep those pearly whites nice and clean with an electric toothbrush. We use one Sonicare toothbrush and pack multiple heads to change out.

Tooth Whitener

These whitening strips are so great, we even use them when we’re not traveling! Keep the big, bulky case at home and pack a few strips into your carry-on for instant whitening!

Curling Iron

Save space and still look fabulous with a travel-sized curling iron!

Body Moisturizer

While lotions are wonderful, I opt for coconut oil to moisturize my body while I’m at my destination. Since I usually rent an Airbnb with a kitchen, I am always cooking with coconut oil. Why not make the most of it and use some on my body as well?

Thank you to the Amazing Space Spa in Copenhagen for providing product for this review. As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own.