A good girlfriend getaway consists of rambunctious dancing, relaxation, and lots of rose! While we love our husbands dearly, nothing is more rewarding and revitalizing than a good old fashioned girls trip! Pack your dancing shoes and leave your worries at the door as Andrea from BestWorldYet & I head to Copenhagen, the happiness capital of the world, to explore the best things to do in Copenhagen for a great girlfriend getaway!


Copenhagen - D

11 am: Start your weekend off by checking into the top luxurious hotel in Copenhagen, The D’Angleterre. This 5-star luxury hotel hugs nearby Nyhavn Harbor and boasts the most opulent rooms in all of Copenhagen. This Conde Nast Gold-List member has been in the business of luxury for over 260 years! Our recommendation: request the Hans Christian Andersen Suite, where the walls are adorned with his original work!

12 pm: Head over to Christiania in your comfy, airport attire. No need to spruce up or get fancy (not just yet!) for this walk through hippie wonderland! A sunny stroll is the best way to combat jetlag, and the autonomous neighborhood (commune) known as ‘Freetown Christiania’ will provide an array of entertainment. You’ll discover creative art, locally sourced food, live music, and stunning scenery with every step. Stroll through the ‘green light district’ if you’re open-minded, or simply enjoy the serenity of the small lake that surrounds this former military barracks.


4 pm: Return to The D’Angleterre’s in-house spa and at-home oasis, Amazing Space D’Angleterre. Arrive early to indulge in the only indoor swimming pool in Copenhagen, complete with floating bean bag chairs. Yes, you heard that right – floating bean bags! Spoil yourself with a decadent 90-minute facial that uses nourishing organic products to deliver a magical Nordic glow. Amazing Space represents an award winning line of cutting-edge beauty products. These sublime treatments are catered to a healthy and pleasurable beauty ritual, one that we couldn’t leave Copenhagen without! Stock up on your favorite products before leaving, or visit their online store, for harmony and balance that goes beyond the spa. Tip: Purchase the overnight face mask – it’s a godsend for flights!

8 pm: Walk across the street from the D’Angleterre to Copenhagen culinary favorite, Geist. We asked multiple parties, Danish locals as well as visitors to Copenhagen, about their favorite restaurants – Geist was mentioned on every occasion. What was our first impression of this cozy restaurant, known for innovative creations using local ingredients? SEXY… it’s just so damn sexy. Grab a creative cocktail while you assess the menu. Dishes are intended to be shared. Take your time… “Geist is about pleasure”.


10 pm: Take an easy walk across the street to Tivoli Gardens, a internationally renowned amusement park that is simply extraordinary at night. I know what you’re thinking… an amusement park? Let me assure you that this is a very special place that will redefine your interpretation of the word ‘amusement park’. Beautiful scenery, exotic architecture, lush gardens and historic buildings illuminated with thousands of colored lights set the tone for a magical evening.



10 am: Head downstairs to the bountiful breakfast buffet at The D’Angleterre. Leave your diet at home and indulge in fine pastries, exquisite egg dishes, and other breakfast treats. You’ll be enjoying your fancy breakfast in the Marchal dining space, or perhaps in the banquet hall fit for a queen.

11 am: If you’re feeling feisty and your hangover isn’t pounding away, head to CrossFit Copenhagen for a heart-pumping workout that will be sure to squeeze you into your skinny jeans this evening. If last night was a little too aggressive, head back down to the spa for a nap on one of the floating bean bag chairs!


1 pm: While Copenhagen has a bounty of activities, there is so much to offer at The D’Angleterre, it’s hard to leave! Prepare yourself for a complete feast for your senses and treat your taste buds at Marchal, The D’Angleterre’s Michelin Star restaurant run by Danish Chef, Andreas Bagh. We recommend noshing on the squid with champagne and caviar and the raw scallops! Make sure to order the seasonal tart to go!


3 pm: Head to Islands Brygge and rent a GoBoat, your very own cruising vessel for the day. Pop some bubbly and tour the quixotic canals of Copenhagen. While cruising in the Copenhagen sun, break out your Michelin-star dessert from Marchal and enjoy a sweet treat on the water. With GoBoat, you’re the captain and you get to choose exactly where you want to go. Don’t worry, the boats are completely foolproof and we had no problem navigating the waters. We recommend bringing a portable speaker to get the party started!

Nyhavn Harbor - Copenhagen_Roamaroo

5 pm: Keep the party going and bring your bottles to Nyhavn Harbor. Take a seat by the canal, enjoy the live music and vibrant ambiance. There are plenty of harborside cafes, all of which are packed on a sunny day, but we recommend picnicking at the water’s edge – best seat in the house! You can even grab drinks and treats to go from many of the restaurants.

8 pm: Get the night popping by heading to The Balthazar Champagne Room, the first champagne bar in all of Copenhagen, located right in The D’Angleterre. Grab a seat under the Winged Goddess of Victory – an exact replica of one of the most celebrated statues in the world, found at the Louvre in Paris. Toast to indulging your inner goddess!


9 pm: Head to dinner on the Copenhagen Canals at the city’s oldest Michelin-starred restaurant, Era Ora. The owner and original Executive Chef, Elvio Milleri is still intimately involved. After earning their first Michelin Star, Elvio took a step back from his Executive Chef position to bring Italian style bread to Copenhagen. His dedication to authentic ingredients led him to opening Copenhagen’s first Italian style bakery. He travels to Italy on a monthly basis, connecting with Italian suppliers, and selecting the best ingredients. The restaurant also has an extensive collection of Italian wines – over 90,000 bottles! The wines represent nearly all of the Italian regions, covering a diverse range (from very traditional to avant-garde). We recommend ordering the wine pairing menu, where perfectly curated wines are matched with the gastronomical masterpieces.

12AM: Food coma? There’s no shame in calling it a night after such a rich meal. Just remember that it’s Saturday night in Copenhagen, and the clubs will be bumping until 6AM! Here are our recommendations for those who can rally for a big night out!

  • La Fontaine: La Fontaine has been a staple in Copenhagen for years. This jazz club is the perfect place to jam out with your girls.
  • Ruby: For the best cocktails in Copenhagen, head to Ruby (also right next door to the best gay bar in town!). Choose from a never ending cocktail menu that’s sure to get your girls night going in the best way.
  • Never Mind: A girls weekend wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Copenhagen’s most popular gay club, Never Mind. Dance the night away (10 pm – 6 am hours) and never worry about being harassed by men!
  • The Culture Box: Copenhagen is known for their rowdy nightlife scene. The club that tops them all is the Culture Box, a Copenhagen staple for rowdy nights that turn into mornings.
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10 am: Did you paint the town red last night? No need to make your way down for breakfast this morning. Wrap up in your plush robe, and enjoy the royal treatment of breakfast in-room at D’Angleterre.

12PM: For those without much time to spare, we recommend walking across the street to Nyhavn harbor for an easy lunch. Harborside fish + chips, and a beer or two for the flight. It’s easy to metro straight to the airport, with the Kongens Nytorv station perfectly placed just a stone’s throw away.


If you have time before working your way to the airport, spend the day taking in some of the famous sites. You can grab bikes from the D’Angleterre and explore in true Danish style!

  • Church of our Saviour Spire: climb to the top of this architecturally beautiful, spiraling staircase for the best views in all of Copenhagen!
  • Rosenborg Castle Gardens: Stroll through the luxurious grounds leading up to the castle, winding through multi-colored roses and across perfectly manicured lawns. Visit the interior if there’s time for a dramatically royal experience!
  • Assistens Cemetery: While this is the resting place of Hans Christian Anderson, Assistens is full of life! The grounds are beautiful, with lush gardens and detailed stone carvings providing a peaceful ambiance for a summer afternoon.
  • Royal Library: Also known as ‘The Black Diamond’, this is one of the largest libraries in all of Europe. The irregular angles and unorthodox color, makes this library an architectural masterpiece worth exploring.

What are your favorite places to visit in Copenhagen? We want to know! So please comment below!

Thank you to the Hotel D’Angleterre for hosting us as their guests. As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely our own. 

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