After a significant amount of time spent traveling in other countries I’ve been able to test countless fashion tips and travel tricks. One of the biggest issues is trying to look good and stay comfortable while hopping from city to city. While in the warmer climates, two of my favorite items to travel with are my Mizzen and Main dress shirt and my Cabana e Fogo swim trunks.

When I first heard about Mizzen and Main I was very skeptical as they claimed it was wrinkle free and looks like a real dress shirt, but once I tried it on I was a total believer. I could tell my wife loved it too by the reaction on her face. The fit was perfect, slim and athletic cut, and the feel was amazing. I love how the fabric stretches. The best attribute is the wrinkle free nature of the shirt. Since we’re living out of backpacks, everything is wrinkled when we unpack. I can pull this shirt out of my bag and throw it on without needing to iron it. 

Mizzen and Main - Great travel shirt

My favorite Mizzen and Main shirt on our Silver Sea cruise in Greece

“I’ve never seen a shirt fit him so well.” – Collette

How to not look like a foreigner in a foreign country.

Another problem when traveling the world is trying to blend in with the locals and not look like a tourist. In some places this is impossible, like at a museum, but when you’re on a beach or a boat you don’t want to stand out. In most parts of the world, men wear shorter swim trunks, this is also becoming more popular in the US as well. For swimwear, I’ve found Cabana e Fogo to have the best blend of length, fashion, and comfort. I’ve worn these on Copacabana beach, lake Como, and on the islands of Thailand. If you’re used to board-shorts like I was coming from the surf community in Los Angeles, it may feel a little revealing at first. But when you’re flashing these trunks on your next Mediterranean vacation, you’ll feel much more comfortable wearing these on the rocky beaches than the long, american style board-shorts.

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Swimming with my Cabana e Fogo trunks in the Rosario islands in Colombia.

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