This is a sponsored post by Spivo. All opinions and thoughts expressed here are entirely our own.

As full-time content creators, we are constantly in search of the best photography and videography gear to document our adventures. We don’t travel with a crew of photographers or videographers – we shoot all of our travel photography ourselves. We were introduced to the Spivo 360, a revolutionary way to capture adventures from every angle.

How it Works

The Spivo 360 is an easy to use selfie stick with a 360-degree swivel head. You can swivel your camera or smartphone to capture your own experience and then swivel it 180-degrees the other way to show your viewers what you’re looking at. The Spivo 360 acts like a fancy two-camera shoot without any of the extra gear or personnel. It’s by far the best selfie stick for travel photography! You can capture your adventures from absolutely every angle.


Who it’s For

The Spivo 360 is made for the adventurer, the wanderluster, and the camera-lover. All you need to do is attach your smartphone or a GoPro to the Spivo stick and you’re ready to go! We also love that it’s small enough to fit in a carry-on, but it still captures larger than life images and videos. Whether you’re a backpacker or a luxury traveler, the Spivo 360 is for you!

Our Adventures with Spivo

We traveled to the Sea of Cortez, Mexico with our Spivo 360. As travel photographers, we wanted to capture the turquoise waters, the red mountains, and the epic adventures awaiting us in the water as well as on land. As content creators and storytellers, we often have to take multiple shots and videos to convey exactly where we are in the world. With the Spivo 360, we are able to share 360-degree story of our travels with just the click of a button.

During our time in Mexico, we went snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo, a 20,000 year old UNESCO World Heritage Site with some of the most plentiful sea life on the planet. We were able to easily capture the hundreds of fish below the sea and then swivel the Spivo 360 around to capture our reactions. When we were hiking high on the mountains of Isla San Francisquito, we were able to film ourselves navigating through the red rocks. With just a simple click of a button, we were then able to swivel the camera and show the incredible view from up high!


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