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While we’ve traveled to over 70 countries, stayed in 5-star hotels, and cruised on luxury yachts, our favorite type of travel is a good old-fashioned road trip! We’ve taken romantic road trips through the Southern Alps of New Zealand, driven up the California coastline on Highway 1, and cruised around the ring road in Iceland. To us, there is nothing more romantic than the open road and infinite possibilities.


We love the ability to spend our travels pulling over to admire a vibrant vista, hiking in nature, and camping out under the stars. Road trips allow us to go off the beaten path, enjoy the smaller things in life, and have quality conversations. Let’s be real – certain inside jokes can only stem from hours of off-pitch singing to “What is Love” and in-car dance parties.


No matter where you travel, taking a road trip with the one you love will guarantee that you’ll drive away with lasting memories.

Before the Road Trip

Rent a Memorable Car: Every road trip begins with a classic ride. Do you crave a coastal California drive in a convertible? Do you want to camp in a campervan behind a waterfall in Iceland? While a great looking car is always fun, you’ll definitely need a car that’s going to be comfortable, reliable, and tempered.

Protect Yourself: Prior to heading out on the road, make sure that your car is in shape to go the extra mile (or 1,000 miles…). To prep for our road trips, we use Mobil 1 Annual Protection, which means we only have to change our oil once a year. Now our car can handle any road trip! Seriously…Mobil 1 Annual Protection provides enough protection for one full year of driving or 20,000 miles per oil change. Mobil 1 Annual Protection allows drivers to go 20,000 miles – or one year – between each oil changes. We chose to switch not only because of the extended oil change intervals but because ExxonMobil took the time to test in actual vehicles. (linked to testing video on Mobil site) The best product in the Mobil 1 portfolio, and it works for all gasoline cars.

We bought ours at AutoZone.


Plan Your Route: To save time, money, and sanity, we recommend planning out your route. We use Google Maps to see how far we’ll be driving each day. If you are planning on camping, this would be a good time to find your campsites.


Check the Weather: Be sure to check the weather so you’re not caught with your top down in a storm!

Pick an Awesome Playlist: Every great road trip needs a soundtrack to go along with it. Pick a mix of music genres to go along with the wide array of landscapes you’ll see on your journey. Choosing which music to road trip with is as important as great snacks so be sure to select wisely.

Bring a Real Map & Download Google Maps: While we always rely on Google Maps to navigate us, it’s important to bring a back-up plan. Bring a map of the area to help you navigate for a worst-case scenario. Also, download Google Maps offline so that you can navigate even if you don’t have cell service.

During the Road Trip

Take Breaks: Take your time on the road and allow for roadside breaks and exploration. Every few hours, stop to stretch your legs for at least 15 minutes.

Pack Snacks: No one likes a hangry co-pilot. Be sure to pack lots of snacks like protein bars, nuts, and fruit to keep you satiated.

Allow for Detours: This road trip is all about the journey, not the destination. It’s great to have a blueprint for a trip, but we recommend allowing time for spontaneous sightseeing.


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