If you’re a CrossFitter, it’s hard to be away from the box for a day, let alone a week. Luckily, CrossFit has spread its heart pumping wings across the globe so you can get your daily WOD fix practically wherever you go in the world. We have made a healthy habit of finding a box anywhere we travel. This not only feeds our need for an intense workout, but it has allowed us to meet new likeminded individuals in far away lands.

CrossFit isn’t just a workout; it’s a way of life. If you don’t have a friend in a different country or city, just stop into a CrossFit box and you’ll walk away (or crawl away, depending on the workout) with a buddy. Nothing quite bonds two people together like the struggle through Murph (a staple CrossFit WOD: 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, 1 mile run. OUCH!) .

Lorna Jane (US)

CrossFit prepares you for anything and everything. This can be as simple as walking through the airport with your backpack or as intense as hiking up Sugarloaf Mountain. So pick up your passport and don’t forget to pack those Nano’s as you travel to the top 10 boxes around the world. In no particular order, drum roll please….


July 2018 update: We recently went on an around the world trip and we had the honor of dropping into CrossFit Wanderlust in Canggu, Bali. This CrossFit was by far, the best CrossFit we’ve ever visited in the world. It’s absolutely MASSIVE — with two large bays, fantastic equipment, a wide variety of classes, its own café, and epic coaches, CrossFit Wanderlust is definitely the best CrossFit box in the world.


CrossFit Chiang Mai was the first ever CrossFit affiliate in all of Thailand. This indoor/outdoor location is the perfect place to meet locals and travelers alike. Take a tuk tuk (the budget form of transportation) over to CrossFit Chiang Mai and get your WOD on!

Holistic health is the name of the game at CrossFit Praha where the owner, Zdenek, focuses on big picture thinking when training his athletes. Educated in a variety of training methods and nutrition, Zdenek is a coach that doesn’t just concentrate on how hard you train, but how smart you train.

Located in picturesque Hermosa Beach, California, CrossFit South Bay boasts some of the best athletes in the SoCal region. With a seaside location and impeccable coaching, it’s no wonder why CrossFit Games athletes choose CrossFit South Bay when they come to town. TIP – come here during late July and you may just see Annie Thorsdottir!

CrossFit Icke, located in the Schoneberg area of Berlin, is your one stop shop for CrossFit, physiotherapy, and lifestyle coaching. Educated in all modals of CrossFit, the team at CrossFit Icke will make sure you have a smart and efficient training session.

JoJo and Tim run CrossFit Barrier Reef, located in Cairns, Australia. This husband and wife duo pour love and passion into everything they do, so expect a workout that requires a lot of heart.

Located in beautiful Catania, Sicily, CrossFit Catania was built by the sweat, blood, and tears of the owner, Marco. You can feel the passion in this box built in 100m of the owners garage, a garage that is now a “second home” for the athletes of CrossFit Catania.

If you “accept the challenge” of an intense, competitor created WOD, then head to Illini CrossFit. Located in the college town of Champaign, Illinois, this box is run by a husband & wife team that is completely dedicated to giving you the best WOD ever.

The award for the most badass box name goes to CrossFit The Lion Rampant located in the skyscraper city of Hong Kong. True to Hong Kong form, The Lion Rampant is filled with expats from around the world ready to get their WOD on. Make sure to keep your schedule free after the WOD so you can join the group for a classic CrossFit breakfast of bacon and eggs at a local diner around the corner.

Welcome to S2S CrossFit, Bali’s first CrossFit gym is located in Canggu, away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Kuta. This box is known for their focus on weight training, hence their name which stands for Strength to Strength.

If you wan to be “better than yesterday,” then head to Tagg CrossFit located near the trendy waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa. Classes are modified based on the level of fitness so whether you are a “CrossFit Lifestyle Athletes,” an “Advanced Athlete,” or a “TAGG teen,” you can get an astounding workout right on the Atlantic seaboard.

What’s your favorite place to workout around the world? What boxes have you dropped into? Comment below!

Lorna Jane (US)