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It’s been a month since we crossed over into 2019 and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed putting our resolutions and goals into action. We have big dreams for this year and we hope that by sharing our own personal goals, we can inspire you to follow your own dreams. In 2019, we have two made objectives: we’ve made it our mission to save money for travel and for a second home. We want to be able to continue telling stories around the world while also setting ourselves up with enough financial freedom. Luckily, we’ve found an integral service, Wealthfront, to help support our dreams while offering invaluable advice for us.


Our Goals

In 2019, we have two major goals: to have enough fiscal freedom to take time off to travel and to purchase a second home. The dreamer in us wants to keep nourishing our minds and bodies through global travel. The saver in us wants to make sure that we are protected and build equity for our futures. To help with these lofty goals, we’ve enlisted help with the financial planning services at Wealthfront.


Time Off For Travel

While our entire business revolves around traveling, oftentimes these travels are for specific clients and not for personal fulfillment. While we’re grateful to have made a career out of our passions and work with travel brands and tourism boards around the world, we still have to stay true to our initial mission and passion. Three and a half years ago, we left the corporate world to travel the world together. Fast forward to 2018 and 90% of our traveling was for work. This year, we’re hoping to travel for the pure love of it and for more personalized and tailored projects.


As entrepreneurs, it’s hard to take two weeks off, a week off, or even a day off. We don’t have salaries, we don’t have normal benefits, or the “safety net” of a corporate job. However, these risks are all worth it because we fulfill the businessperson in us while creating content on a constant basis. Our financial planning tools at Wealthfront allow us to bypass the normal (and archaic!) way of financial planning and take matters into our own hands.  Wealthfront understands our unique position and is helping us navigate our decision in a smart and methodical manner.


Saving for a Second Home

After getting married in 2013, Scott and I purchased our first home together in 2014. We wanted to be able to have a home for ourselves, to host friends and dinner parties, all while building equity for ourselves on a long-term basis. When we decided to travel around the world just one year later, we needed to figure out a way to make our investment worthwhile so we turned our home into a rental property.


Fast-forward to 2019 and we want to take the equity that we’ve built and purchase a second home. Our financial planning tools at Wealthfront are helping us save the right amount of money in order for us to build a home together once again. Given that we also want to be able to afford the time to travel, Wealthfront has created an easy and actionable plan for us to achieve our goals.


New Year, New You

With the New Year here in full force, it’s time to take a moment and make sure that we’re connecting with all of you about your own goals. Comment below with your personal and financial goals for 2019. We’re firm believers that if you write down your objectives, the universe can help you manifest your dreams!