No trip to Bodrum would be complete without a day on a gulet boat. Gulet boats are a traditional Turkish sailing vessel, specifically from the area of Bodrum itself. There are hundreds of boats that hang out in the harbors of Bodrum so how do you get the best price for the best possible boat?

  • Step #1 – Do Your Research

The best way to figure out what type of boat you want is to see what the inventory supplies. Go to your closest marina (Bodrum Marina is best, but Yalikivak is doable). See what types of boats are available. Do you want a two-mast or a three-mast? A full day or a half day? See what types of boats are offered before you make your decision.

  • Step #2 – Ask Around

There are hundreds of boats and no exact pricing so ask around for the best options. How long will they take you out? Do they provide lunch and drinks? If they provide lunch, is it fresh fish? Ask various boat owners to see who will give you what you want.

  • Step #3 – Haggle

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Time to have your hand at haggling. The first price the boat owner throws out is way too high. Don’t ever set your price, let them say a price. When they respond, ask them if they can go any lower in price. Keep doing this until you get your desired price. Be prepared to walk away. The person who cares less here is the person who wins. Then, walk over to their neighbor and do the same thing. Remember – don’t ever set the price! When you set the price, you set yourself up!

  • Step #4

Enjoy your day out on the Aegean Sea in your gulet!

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