You’ve finely made it to Asia.. wait Europe, wait…you’ve made it to two continents in one! That’s right, Istanbul lies in between the continents. After your long journey to Istanbul or another city in Turkey, you’re likely to have a little jetlag. What better way to get adjusted to the new timezone than with some turkish coffee.

Tip 1.

  • Turkish coffee is usually drank after a meal. Unlike most westerners who want their coffee first thing in the morning, Turks enjoy their coffee after a long breakfast or lunch. The turks look at coffee as a great way to complete a meal, not start one. While that is tradition, it doesn’t mean you can’t order one first thing in the morning. While in Bodrum, I ordered a cup first thing in the morning to enjoy by the harbor.

Tip 2.

  • Decide how much sugar you want when your order it. The sugar is mixed in while the coffee is brewed. Since the grounds are left in the cup, you can’t stir in your sugar after it’s made.

Tip 3.

  • No milk. You won’t need it, trust me.
Turkey - Roamaroo Travel Blog - Bodrum, Istanbul - How to drink turkish coffee

Tip 4.

  • Don’t drink the grounds – You may think you’re wasting 1/3 of your cup but the grounds are not to be drank. Leave them at the bottom. If you want to pull a prank on a friend, tell them to drink the grounds. 😉

Tip 5

  • Take your time and enjoy the cup. Unlike your typical Starbucks which is 16 oz, a turkish coffee is 2-3 oz. This may seem like a very small amount to many. It’s a little larger than an espresso, but unlike an espresso that has 80 mg of caffeine, turkish coffee has around 160 mg of caffeine. That should be enough to wake you up after your long flight or a late night in Bodrum. If you need more of a boost, order turkish tea later in the day to keep you moving.
Turkey - Roamaroo Travel Blog - Bodrum, Istanbul - How to drink turkish coffee

Tip 6.

  • The water is to cleanse your pallet after your coffee. Some restaurants will serve you a shot glass of water or an entire bottle. Save this for after your coffee is finished.

Fun Fact!

  • Turkey does not grow coffee beans. Turkish coffee is only the method in which the coffee is made.