After spending a few days in the bustling city of Medellin, we couldn’t ignore the locals suggestions to visit the picturesque pueblo of Guatapé. This town, located 2 hours away from Medellin through the Colombian hillside provides the perfect lakeside retreat.

Guatape top

As we winded around the lush green mountains of Colombia, we took in the incredible sweeping views of a truly beautiful country. With every curve, we discovered a different colorful countryside. With every turn, our eyes widened with wonder. It’s incredible to think that you can be one with Mother Nature just a few miles outside of the giant metropolis of Medellin.


La Piedra de Peñol (“The Rock of Guatapé”) is a natural monolithic creation in the middle of the lakes of Guatapé. With 740 steps to the top of this monumental marker, it’s the perfect active escape from the city. Drive your car or rent a tiny taxi in town (these taxis have 3 wheels and are similar to tuk tuk’s) to take you to the bottom of La Piedra de Peñol.

While this giant rock may seem intimidating, you’ll be distracted by the breathtaking views at every twist and turn. Once at the top, snap some selfies of the 360-degree view, one of the best in the entire world.


With its miles of lakes, Guatapé is the perfect place for water adventures. For the best adventures in Guatapé, we recommend wakeboarding, waterskiing, or a jet ski.

Guatape town

Guatapé is a colorful colonial pueblo so be sure to visit the picturesque square at the center of town. Littered with dozens of restaurants, ice cream parlors, and hostels, the square is the perfect place to pen in your journal and enjoy the quiet small town.


After you’ve worked up an appetite on your adventures, head to Guatapé town to refuel on some delectable fare. Head to local favorite Café La Viña or the Made with Love Deli.


Once we were in Guatapé, we didn’t want to leave. If we had the extra time, we would have definitely spent more time in this quaint pueblo. The best hotel to stay at in Guatapé is the Luxé by Charlee Hotels. Situated right on the water, this is the ultimate experience in lakeside luxury.

After a fun-filled day in Guatapé, relax and enjoy the short ride back to the city of Medellin.

To get to Guatapé, take a 12,000 pesos bus (around $5 USD), rent a car, or hire a driver.