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Travel has always been our happy place. When we’re traveling the world, meeting new people, embarking on novel adventures, and trying new foods, we enter a magical flow state. We feel present, “in the zone,” and alive. We lose ourselves in the moments and surrender to the present. In a day and age when everyone is face down in their phones, the feeling of flow can revitalize, renew, spark creativity, and provide true, authentic happiness. Everyone deserves to find their own happiness and we want to help you find your own flow on Flowhaus.


What is Flowhaus?

Flowhaus is a community of creatives where we share unique, authentic, and inspiring travel stories. We’re all connected by a common thread: our love of travel and exploration. Flowhaus is a safe space where likeminded travelers can be inspired to follow their passion, purpose, and pursuits. Want to book that trip of your dreams? Flowhaus has you covered. Want to find the best hotel for your honeymoon? Yup, it’s on Flowhaus. Want to follow in the footsteps of your favorite travel influencers? They’re all here on Flowhaus.


What sets Flowhaus apart from the rest?

Instead of bouncing around from blog to Instagram to YouTube to try to figure out the best places to visit, Flowhaus has aggregated everything into one easy to follow community. You can explore your flow through destinations, videos, or the carefully curated itineraries from your favorite influencers. To see how we flow on Flowhaus, click here.


Stay up to date on Roamaroo

Our goal at Roamaroo is to inspire you to follow your dreams of world travel. We want you to get out into the world and pursue your passions – whether it’s an exotic beach destination, a mountain venture, or even a local adventure in your own backyard. Our carefully curated page will show you where to go, what to do, where to stay, and where to flow.


What is Flow?

There is something inspiring about witnessing someone deep in their passion. You may not share the same passion and you may not understand it fully, but you will be moved by it. We all have moments that we are in a “flow” state. For us, it’s the very art of creative thinking – utilizing our imaginations, brainstorming, writing, editing, and allowing our inner child to come out and create. We also find flow in movement itself – travel, hiking, cycling, Crossfit, anything to move, breathe, and discover.

Come see how we flow on Flowhaus.