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Ah wine, one of our favorite drinks. If you had to choose a national drink for Spain, there is no doubt that it would be wine – it is at the center of Spanish life and its history spans more than three millennia. The geography of Spain results in a range of climates, leading to a great diversity among grape styles. Vineyards stretch from the rolling hills in the north to the vast arid landscape in the south. Wine culture in Spain is a form of tourism in itself, pleasuring the senses through the taste and smell, and the picturesque landscapes of the vineyards. Here are 7 wineries in regions to visit on your next journey that make the best Spanish wine in one of the best wine countries in the world, with some giving you the opportunity to meet the local winemakers themselves!

The Mas Doix, Priorat (Catalonia)

Best Spanish Wines - Mas Doix

The Mas Doix Estate Vineyards lie in the village of Poboleda, in the North Eastern area of the Priorat. The Priorat is an internationally known red wine producing area, one of only two regions in Spain which qualifies as DOCa, the highest level for a wine region. This makes the Mas Doix Vineyard an ideal terroir for growing pristine grapes. They produce wines that embody the values of the vineyard and characteristics of the Priorat: one that is the fruit of its surroundings, soil, slope, microclimate, and native varieties. The sloped vineyards contain 4 hectares of Cariñena and Garnachas vines between 80 and 107 years old.

JOC, Empordà (Catalonia)

Best Spanish Wines - JOC, Empordà (Catalonia)

The creator of the first Denomination of Origin wines recognized by the international press corps, Spanish winemaker Jordi Oliver Conti has been a pioneer in upmarket wines.

Step back in time and enjoy his personal whites and reds from different areas of Spain with him in a 9th century chapel. After the tasting, it’s time to enjoy classic Spanish tapas in the garden made from local products. Try “coca de recapta” (Catalan savory cake), the famous Spanish tortilla with eggs directly from a farmhouse, “pa amb tomaquet” (homemade bread with tomato), cold meats and cheeses, and fresh seasonal fruits.

The Valencisco Winery, La Rioja

Best Spanish Wines - The Valencisco Winery, La Rioja

La Rioja is Spanish wine country: gentle rolling hills, medieval hamlets, and a mountainous background. In this four day tour you’ll experience the best estates, restaurants, scenic routes, and villages, and taste everything ranging from classic wines to modern masterpieces.

You’ll have a very nice contrast of different wineries, especially on the third day when you visit the Valenciso winery, which produces 100% Tempranillo based Reserva prestige wines along with a great white. A private tour by the owner gives you an even more intimate experience. Then you get the opportunity to visit Roda, a much newer company, which makes fresh, modern style wines. They are consistent award winners, so you’re tasting the best!

These four days allow you to see the whole spectrum of winemaking with small, family run wine caves to sprawling estates, enjoy countless gastronomic experiences, and stay in the spectacular Marque de Riscal wine hotel. This is a wonderful all around wine experience you don’t want to miss!

Dominio de Atatua, Ribera del Duero, (Castile and León)

Best Spanish Wines - Dominio de Atatua, Ribera del Duero, (Castile and León)

Situated in the valley of Atauta and on the eastern side of the Ribera del Duero, is Dominio de Atatua, with a long viticultural history.   With altitudes around 1,000 meters and exquisite climate and soil, the region is a haven for wine production. Because of this, the Dominio de Atauta bodega in the Ribera del Duero has been consistently ranked one of the best in the area. The winery was resurrected in 2009 by Almudena Alberca, and she has put in a tremendous amount of work to follow the philosophy of maximum respect for the vineyard.

Rioja Alta, Abalos and Cordovín, (La Rioja)

Best Spanish Wines - Rioja Alta, Abalos and Cordovín, (La Rioja)

If you don’t have four days to spend going around La Rioja, a day trip there works as well. Ramiro, a tour guide who specializes in the culture of Rioja vineyards and wine, will lead you on to the famous wine region. Immerse yourself in the culture of the area with those who created it – locals. Enjoy the scenery in the vineyards of Rioja Alta and the amazing cave of the Abalos wineries. Here you will taste red carbonic maceration, fruity whites, breeds and claret. Share a traditional meal of La Rioja afterwards, in a wine cellar, and at the end, enter the area carved into the rocks where the wine is stored. Let yourself take in the heart of Rioja, and the knowledge of authentic winemakers who make some of the best Spanish wines.

Bodega Ozalder, (Navarra)

Best Spanish Wines - Bodega Ozalder, (Navarra)

Navarra is situated to the northeast of La Rioja, bordered by the Pyrenees. Bodega Ozalder has vineyards right in the middle of Navarra, covering various areas. The founding brothers come from a family that has dedicated years to grafting vines; they unite ideas with experience resulting in wine with special personalities. Only 70,000 bottles are marketed annually, reinforcing the owners’ beliefs in making small amounts of good quality wine. If you’re searching for quality, you’ve found it.

Alta Alella, (Catalonia)

Best Spanish Wines - Alta Alella, (Catalonia)

The region of Catalonia boasts some of the best Spanish wines. It is here that you’ll find a unique and unconventional experience with wine, food, tradition, and celebration. Travel with Sonia, who will help you discover Barcelona and Catalonia a different way: by ATV through the hills of Alella, to some of the oldest wineries near Barcelona with the DO label. Tour the vineyards, and after it is time to enter the cellar. You’ll enjoy gourmet tastings of tapas and different wines, paired with great viewings of the vineyards and the sea – a true Catalonian wine experience.

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