This article was originally featured on the Janbala blog.

We’ve all seen the photos on social media. You know, the ones that transport you from the daily grind to a tropical beach beyond your wildest dreams. One minute you’re doing laundry, and the next, you’re hiking through lemon orchards in the Italian countryside. There is so much power in one single photo. Our social media feeds are full of travel content, and the effect is two-fold: insatiable travel inspiration and unbearable FOMO. The time is now to get out there and see the world! Let 2017 be your year to lead the social feed with new and unique travel experiences.

As the leading couples travel bloggers, we’re constantly in search of the most Instagram-worthy destinations to stimulate wanderlust with a fresh perspective. Because let’s be honest: these days, you have to DIFI – do it for Instagram! Whether it’s climbing the great fjords of Norway, exploring Paleolithic caves in southern Italy or chasing summer sunsets around the globe, we’ve put together our top picks for the 17 most Instagrammable travel experiences of 2017.

“Let 2017 be your year to lead the social feed…”

Hike unforgettable fjords to Pulpit Rock, Norway

Put your adventure cap on because it’s time for a fantastic fjord-filled hike. About an hour outside of Stavanger is Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen, as the locals call it) – a rock that juts out 600-meters over the fjords of Norway. This hike is worth the 90-minute trek up to the top. To fight the crowds, you can camp overnight or arrive early for a golden hour glow. For the perfect photo, stand (carefully!) at the edge of Pulpit Rock while your partner stands on the mainland to capture the enormity of the cliff edge. Give your followers the full context of the experience.

Preikestolen Norway

Dive into 2017 in Taormina, Sicily

Italy is known for its fabulous food, wine and romantically rugged beaches. But if you look in the right places, Italy is full of adventure, too. In 2017, enjoy the endless miles of quixotic coastline by spending your days swimming in the Ionian Sea. To capture the best experience photo, you’re going to need to challenge yourself. Step one: rent a boat or swim out to one of the various cliffs or rocks that jut out from the sea. Step two: climb up and enjoy a refreshing jump off the cliff’s edge. Step three: remember to bring your selfie stick and GoPro for the best action shot!

Taormina Italy

Forget Prague, it’s all about Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

While most visitors flock to Prague, it’s nearby Cesky Krumlov that is the most Instagrammable city in all of the Czech Republic. Walk to the top of the castle for a panoramic view of the red roofed town and watch the winding River Vltava from above. Then head down to the waterfront and pop into a medieval pub to indulge in a local Czech beer with a view of the River Vltava and Český Krumlov castle. Stunning scenery, less crowds = more original content for your followers.

Cesky Krumlov