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  • Brussels, The Augustin Hotel: This hip boutique hotel is located in the center of all of the action in Brussels. Walking distance to Manneken-Pis and the Grand Place, it’s the best location for touring Brussels. The rooms have heavenly luxurious beds and beautiful views of Brussels. 25-31 Avenue de Stalingrad  |  1000 Brussels
    Roamaroo travel and photography blog

    Roamaroo travel and photography blog

  • Namur, Les Tanneurs de Namur: This historic hotel was converted from 11 homes from the 16th century. Vestige tanneries and stone archways preserve the integrity of this building. Les Tanneurs de Namur has romantic rooms with brick and marble jacuzzi areas. Rue des Tanneries, 13 5000 Namur
  • Liege, Hotel Neuvice: With its location on Neuvice Street, the oldest pedestrian street in all of Liege, dating back to the 12th century, the Hotel Neuvice packs a lot of history into its location. The Hotel Neuvice is perfectly located in the Old Town of Liege with easy access to the Grand Place. En Neuvice 45 B-4000 Liège.

  • Chez Leon, Brussels: Chez Leon is the restaurant to dine at for the best mussels in Brussels. Weather permitting, choose a table outside to enjoy the romantic atmosphere. Pair your dinner with a fantastic Belgian white wine! C’est magnifique!Roamaroo travel and photography blog
  • Maison Dandoy, Brussels: Come hungry and leave delighted at this Brussels waffle staple. One of the best things to do in Belgium is eating waffles and Maison Dandoy is the place to do it! Choose from a wide variety of waffles – both Brussels (as Americans know Belgian waffles) and the Liege variety (a caramelized, sugar-infused version).Roamaroo travel and photography blog
  • Laurent Gerbaud, Brussels: To top the list of chocolatiers in Belgium is no small feat, but Lauren Gerbaud pulls this win off with ease. Choose from a wide variety of bespoke, hand-made chocolates. Our personal favorite, the sea salt chocolate!Roamaroo travel and photography blog
  • Houtsiplou, Brussels: Houtsiplou has a large list of epicurean options! Our personal favorite was the duck with cherries.
  • Le Temps des Cerises, Namur: By far, the most charming and quaint restaurant we’ve visited on our entire trip. With cherry-covered walls, a warm, cozy inside, and delectable cuisine, Le Temps des Cerises is a must-dine restaurant in Belgium.
  • La Maison des Desserts, Namur: When in Belgium, it’s ok to have dessert for breakfast. And that’s just what we did when we went to Namur. A quick coffee-stop quickly turned into an all-out feast at this Belgian staple. The desserts are elegantly created by hand and turned into works of art. Unfortunately, the art doesn’t last long because the desserts taste way too good! Our favorite was the strawberry cake! Roamaroo travel and photography blog
  • Ratatouille, Profondeville: Located in the quaint town of Profondeville, around 20 km outside of Namur, everything in this restaurant is made with love.
  • Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette, Liege: Belgium has so many delicious foods, it’s hard to choose a number one dish. When it comes to Liege waffles, hands down, Une Gaufrette Saperlipopette wins! The vanilla waffle was by far the best waffle we’ve ever tasted in the entire world. A tip for couples – buy one waffle each. They’re too good to share!
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  • Walk around Brussels: Grab your honey and take a walk around the beautiful city of Brussels. Make sure to stop by Manneken-Pis, The Grand Place, and The Royal Palace.Roamaroo travel and photography blog
  • Hop-On/Hop-Off Tour, Brussels: While it’s a tad touristy, the hop-on/hop-off tour is well worth the ride! We chose route 1 which took us to the Royal Palace, Atomium, and Little Europe!
  • Rent Bikes along the River Meuse, Namur: Rent bikes at Pro Velo and take a ride along the River Meuse. Stop along the way for lunch at Ratatouille. Tip: rent an electric bike for a more leisurely journey.Roamaroo travel and photography blog
  • Gardens of Annevoie: About 20 km from Namur lies the Gardens of Annevoie. This garden sanctuary boasts incredible manicured grounds, beautiful flowers, and the perfect backdrop for a romantic day.Roamaroo travel and photography blog
  • Picnic at the Citadel, Namur: Grab a baguette and some beer and take it to the top of the Citadel in Namur. With sweeping views of the entire city, it’s the perfect place to be with your amour in Namur. Roamaroo travel and photography blog
  • The Boverie, Liege: Situated along the River Meuse in Liège, La Boverie is a sublime fine arts palace. Spend your day walking through the gardens and perusing the classic art inside.

  • Moeder Lambic, Brussels: Belgium is known for its beers, but if you want one of the best selections and ambiances in all of Brussels, head to Moeder Lambic.Roamaroo travel and photography blog
  • La Porte Noir, Brussels: La Porte Noir may not seem grand from the street, but once you make your way down the stairs into the delectable dungeon of drinking, you won’t be disappointed. Choose from a wide variety of beers and/or whisky. You may lose track of time in this cave-like hideaway. You have been warned!
  • Delirium Cafe: You can’t visit Belgium without a trip to the Delirium Cafe. With an extensive collection of beers on tap, including the famous Delirium, this place is a beer lovers dream.Roamaroo travel and photography blog
  • BeerLovers’, Liege: If you’re a lover of beer, then you better make your way here!
  • Le Pot Au Lait, Liege: A staple of Liege, this eclectic bar is a must-stop at in Liege.

He grasped my hand in his hand, pulling me in to his body, enveloping me in a romantic embrace. Gilded buildings glistened in the sunlight. The air was buzzing with excitement. Languages from various nations breezed by our ears in the crisp spring air. The smell of sugar was omnipresent, beckoning us to walk into the dozens of waffle stores littering the streets. Warmth washed over us in the sunlit city morning. We began to walk the cobblestone streets, through the gorgeous Grand Place and past the Royal Palace, every inch of the intimate cityscape telling a different story in histories time. He squeezed my hand in delight. Belgium officially had a hold on us.

things to do in Belgium

Our time in Belgium was a complete sensory experience. Our taste buds delighted in 5 days of decadent chocolate, pommes frites, mussels, waffles, and Trappist beers. After all, one of the best things to do in Belgium is to eat! Our ears relished in the romantic sounds of our pitter-patters on cobblestone streets. Our eyes widened at the gorgeous gild houses of the Grand Place. Our skin savored the crisp spring air as the River Meuse breezed by us. With the smell of tulips blossoming, the scent of spring was officially in full force. It was spring and we were in love in Belgium.

things to do in Belgium

The only thing sweeter than the Belgian waffles are the Belgian people, who welcomed us into their country with open arms and lots of tasty delights. Even in a big city like Brussels, the romance and happiness of Belgium is palpable and infectious. Couples strolled the streets, walking hand-in-hand, stopping only for sweet kisses or sweet waffles.

things to do in Belgium

We were overwhelmed with the amount of delicious food to share during our time in Belgium. There were so many things to do in Belgium, it was hard to choose from the wide variety of decadent adventures during our 5 days in the beautiful country. Our days consisted of walking or biking around the city to experience the epicurean offerings of the area. It was impossible not to give into Brussels’ buzzing café scene. From waffle restaurants to friteries (restaurants dedicated solely to French fries!), delicious chocolate shops to the famed mussels in Brussels, we never had a shortage of gastronomic satisfaction. Important fact: we also learned that it’s never too early to eat waffles.

After two nights in the bustling city of Brussels, we were thirsty for quiet country romance. We set off for Wallonia, the French speaking section of Belgium, located just a quick train ride south of Brussels. The train breezed us by the golden and green fields of whimsical Wallonia and let us off in Namur. There are so many things to do in Belgium and a trip to Wallonia is definitely one of them. We walked through the quaint cobblestone streets, surrounded by buildings that dated back thousands of years. Yes, thousands.

things to do in Belgium

Our trip to Belgium concluded in the French-speaking city of Liege, another quick train ride away. Our days were filled with long walks around the River Meuse and extended afternoons touring the Boverie museum.

Just a short train ride away from Brussels, Amsterdam, and Paris was the most romantic city of them all – Bruges. We stayed at the Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce, a medieval looking house right along the water. This romantic hotel transported us back in time and whisked us off of our feet with its whimsical wonder. We spent our days roaming around the cobblestone streets, feasting on local chocolates, and drinking the local Trappist beers.

As another idea for couples visiting Belgium, we recommend visiting during Carnival time! While Carnival is usually associated with Rio, there are various Carnival celebrations throughout Europe including Carnival in Belgium.

Time truly slows down in Belgium. We were able to fully take our time and enjoy every moment. We didn’t spend our days shopping or searching for material goods. Our days in Belgium consisted of collecting moments; multi-hour lunches with beer and wine, walks that turn into dates, “just one drink” that turns into all-night laughs, and a simple date night that turns into memories that will never fade.

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Thank you to Tourism Belgium for hosting us as their guests. As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely our own.