Editor’s Note: I’m so happy to share our first article on Elite Daily with our roaming readers! As a married couple traveling the world, it’s important to put your relationship first. I hope these tips will help you all as much as they’ve helped us!

Four months ago, I quit my job, sold my car and set out for a trip around the world with my husband with no end in sight.

The idea of traveling from country to country sounded exciting, adventurous and most of all, romantic.

But with any type of travel, obstacles arise, and they can test even the strongest relationships.

Between communal hostels, not-so-private bathrooms, travel delays and unplanned illnesses, romance may take a backseat, making it difficult to keep your heart and libido ignited.

Plus, more time doesn’t always equal quality time spent together.

So, as you fantasize about that picture-perfect trip, here are 10 tips to remember as you try to keep the spark alive while traveling:

1. Don’t Forget Date Night

When one plans a vacation, it’s easy to dream you’ll be transported to “The Notebook,” and every night will be spent sipping champagne under the stars and rolling around in bed.

But after an eight-hour delay on your 12-hour flight, you learn travel time is not always quality time.

For the long-term traveler, days consist of penny-pinching, planning, dealing with jet lag, unexpected illnesses and close quarters.

Make sure to set aside time that’s just for you two with no distractions.

Grab a bottle of wine, put on your best outfit and head to a nearby neighborhood restaurant. Enjoy a proper date night, and trade foot massages after a long day.

It’s important to put your relationship first, and always feed that fire with love.