Prague is a city filled with countless castles, colors, and a whole lot of charm and it can be difficult chose which things to do in Prague. From the largest ancient castle compound in the entire world to the peaceful art-filled walls of years past, Prague is the perfect city to quench your wanderlust. With all of its attractions within walking distance of one another, you can easily fit in the must see sights in one weekend. Enjoy this Weekend Wanderlust in picturesque Prague and let us help you decide which things to do in Prague.

Friday – Things to do in Prague

12 PM: Welcome to Prague! After arriving, you have a few options of getting to town – take a bus & train or an Uber. An Uber from the airport to the city center runs around $12 USD.

2 PM: Time to head to the Old City. As you walk the cobblestone streets, surrounded by colorful buildings constructed hundreds of years ago, it’s truly like walking onto a movie set. The town square is absolutely perfect. Choose from dozens of cafes to sit and people watch.

Things to do in Prague - City center

4 PM: Take a look at the Prague astronomical clock, or Prague orlo, a medieval astronomical clock located in the Old City square. This is the oldest working astronomical clock in the world.

Things to do in Prague - Clock Tower

7 PM: Eat at La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise, where chefs prepare a Bohemian tasting menu. This meal is an event, so allow three plus hours for a meal.

Things to do in Prague - River

10 pm: Head over to Bonvivant’s to grab drinks. This speakeasy located in Old Town, serves exciting cocktails.

11 PM: Walk over to Anonymous Bar, a “V for Vendetta” themed bar that creates dramatic drinks.


10 AM: Go for a walk over the Charles bridge to the side of the Prague Castle. This bridge was commissioned by King Charles IV and is lined with 30 Baroque statues of religious figures.

Things to do in Prague - Castle

11 AM: Walk over to Prague Castle. At this castle compound, tour the St. Vitus Cathedral. This cathedral is a brilliant model of Gothic architecture and is the largest cathedral in all of Prague.

Things to do in Prague - Cathedral

12 PM: Continue your tour through Prague Castle. Built in the 9th century, this ancient castle is the largest in the world, occupying almost 70,000 m2.

1 PM: Stop at the Villa Richter winery at Prague Castle. Have some traditional Moravian wine and overlook the red rooftops of the city of Prague.

3 PM: On your walk back to the city, walk down to the love bridge, an ode to the Paris love bridge. Here, you’ll see star-crossed lovers securing locks on the bridge to signify their everlasting love.

Things to do in Prague - River Boat

4 PM: Walk over to the famous John Lennon wall where hundreds if not thousands of individuals have left their mark over the years on this peaceful painted wall. Take the time to sit back and read the poetry on the walls – some of it silly, some of it deep, but all of it positive. It’s very rare to find a place where people come together to be positive and the John Lennon wall offers just that. Go on, pick up a paintbrush and add your positive thoughts!

Things to do in Prague - Lennon Wall

7 PM: Head to the James Joyce pub, an Irish pub in the Old City. I know what you’re saying, an Irish pub in Prague? Trust me! The James Joyce is home to the Sexy Curry Company, offering delicious curry dishes to warm your belly after a long day.


11 AM: Rent a paddleboat on the Vltava River. Admire the view of Prague’s various bridges as well as sweeping views of the Prague Castle.

Things to do in Prague - Bridge

What are your favorite things to do in Prague and places to visit in Prague? Share below!

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