Lisbon is the city of food, wine, and Fado, and what better way to experience the best things to do in Lisbon Portugal than with a local? We teamed up with Trip4Real, who curated the best experience in Lisbon.

things to do in lisbon portugal

We first talked to Trip4Real a few months back when we were setting off for our around the world trip. Like us, Trip4Real treasures authentic, rich experiences in cities. They provide unique tours & activities led by locals so you automatically feel like you have a friend in town. No more tourist trips and traps, Trip4Real curates Imagine genuine experiences with a local.

Culture, Food, & Fun

Booking with Trip4Real was so simple. We just went on their website and searched for activities based on our interests. Since Lisbon is known as the birthplace of Fado, a Portuguese song with an emotional, melancholy theme, we wanted to experience the real Fado. We went online, booked our adventure of “Culture, Food & Fun,” and were set up with our local tour guide right away.

things to do in lisbon portugal

We met our Trip4Real guide, Madalena, in a hip neighborhood in Lisbon. We instantly felt like we had a friend in town. Madalena was born and raised in Lisbon so she knows the ins and out of the city. She brought us to a friend’s favorite restaurant where we dined on olives, fresh fish cakes, local wine, and other delicious local flavors.

things to do in lisbon portugal

After dinner, Madalena took us to A Tasca do Chico, a local Fado spot. At this tiny, dimly lit restaurant, we were able to experience the traditional songs of Portugal’s past. With red wine in hand, we closed our eyes, and listened to the heart wrenching, poignant, and expressive sounds of Fado.

Overall, our experience with Trip4Real gave us an authentic, local view of culture, food & fun in Lisbon!

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Thank you to Trip4Real for hosting us as their guest. The content & opinions listed here are entirely our own.