Disclaimer: Offshore Outpost hosted us for the week on this cruise. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely our own.

Not all vacations are created equal; some are a quiet refuge, others are a way to let loose, and then there are those holidays that change your world. A transformative trip gets you out of your comfort zone, introduces you to a new location, and most importantly – connects you with people. Our adventure with Offshore Outpost led us to the Sea of Cortez, a part of the world we never knew existed, and now – a part of the world that we will never forget.

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a place to completely unplug from the stressors of life. As soon as we boarded our luxury expedition ship, we left reality behind and boarded the world of Offshore Outpost; a world filled with first times, with new friends, and with unforgettable adventures. There were multiple moments throughout the week where we had to pinch ourselves and ask, “is this real life?”


We’ve been on dozens of cruises, but none have compared to Offshore Outpost.

It’s as if The Yacht Week and National Geographic had a baby.

You have the social aspects of The Yacht Week, the adventure of National Geographic, all topped off with unique personalized adventure, exclusive to Offshore Outpost. We believe that adventures are best when they’re shared, so come join us with Offshore Outpost.

Fast Facts

Who it’s For: Adventurers, Ocean lovers, Wildlife enthusiasts, Millennials, Jetsetters

Perks: High Crew to Customer ratio (2:1), All-Inclusive food, beverages, and activities

Where they cruise: Sea of Cortez, Mexico & Alaska

How many guests: 12

Guest to Crew Ratio: 2:1


The Location

Map courtesy of Offshore Outpost

Our 6-night/7 day adventure was in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. We flew into Cabo San Lucas and drove an hour and a half to the city of La Paz. From there, we jumped on our expedition vessel and set off for a week of wild adventures. The Sea of Cortez is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an ecological utopia. The water is crystal clear like the Caribbean, the sea life is plentiful, and the red mountains that surround the area create a palpable energy to fuel your escapades.

The Ship

Offshore Outpost operates on their luxury adventure vessel, The Pacific Provider. The 160-foot ship can accommodate 12 guests in its 6 staterooms.  There are 7 crew on board, providing unparalleled and personalized service for every guest (that means at least one crew member per room!) Each room has Gilchrist & Soames amenities, a plush king-sized bed (or twin beds if you prefer), and a large observation window. It’s completely 5-star.

In addition to the staterooms, there are indoor and outdoor dining areas, outdoor bar, adventure deck, an expansive top deck, and rooftop hot tub.


The Adventures

Offshore Adventure is all about adventure. The Sea of Cortez is biologically diverse and extremely wildlife-rich. The best way to explore the Sea of Cortez is by diving right into its many activities.

Swimming with Whale Sharks: This is one of the most incredible adventure experiences in the entire world. With Offshore Outpost, you’ll get to swim alongside these gentle giants that measure over 4 meters in length!

Snorkeling: The underwater life in The Sea of Cortez is so plentiful that Jacques Cousteau called it “The World’s Aquarium.” We went snorkeling nearly every day on Offshore Outpost, exploring a different reef at every stop. We saw dozens of species of fish including pufferfish and manta rays.

Fishing: We went fishing and spearfishing multiple times throughout our Offshore Outpost adventure. When we caught fish, Chef David prepared our catches for dinner!


Hiking: There are dozens of amazing hikes around the Sea of Cortez. We explored the diverse landscape and admired the red rocks on foot.

Private Beaches: Every single beach that we stopped at looked as though it had just been discovered. These white-sand beaches are very remote and a far cry from the crowded beaches of Cabo.

Water Sports: For those wanting to partake in water sports, you can choose to explore the Sea of Cortez in a kayak or on a standup paddleboard.


The Food

If cruises could be Michelin-starred, Offshore Outpost would be a three-star dining experience. Chef David was a former Navy Seal and then went on to become the private chef for both Dr. Dre and Phil Mickelson. Chef David prepared gourmet meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The best part is, all of the meals and beverages are included so we never had to worry about a thing on Offshore Outpost.