Far away from the madness of Piccadilly Circus lies a foodies dream market, the Maltby street market.  Laying south of the Thames (south of the river? Gasp!) that screams authentic London. In Bermondsey, London, a bubble of gastronomy beckons you at the Maltby Street Market. Between the streets of Maltby and Millstream Road, you’ll find a bevy of pop-up bars, delectable food kiosks, and never shall you see a tourist at Maltby Street Market, the best food market in London.

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From fresh seafood to local farmers honey to craft beers, the Maltby Market has it all. The Maltby Market not only has oils and fresh food, but it’s filled with gourmet cooked meals like meat from the Cornish Grill, Reuben sandwiches from Monty’s Deli, and the best burgers you’ve ever had from African Volcano. Since this market closes at 4, we recommend arriving around noon and eating your way through the market.

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Our recommendations: Start at Coffee, Mate? For a brilliant cappuccino to fuel your feast. Then head to Partizan Brewing Company and grab an Indian Pale Ale and a Saison Beer to enjoy while walking through the market. Then, head to African Volcano for the absolute and get a #DirtySecret before they run out. It’s made with African Volcano’s special sauce and won’t last through the entire day. Another great option was a #dirtystreaker burger. This burger, made as a cheese beef burger and smoked peri peri bacon.

Maltby Street Market - Burgers

Once you’re full, pick up some tea from Bea’s of Bloomsbury, fresh fruit from Tayshaw Ltd and St John Bakery, and delicious locally farmed cheeses from The Butchery Ltd.

Maltby Street Market - DirtyStreaker

For a full list of the delicious vendors, check out Time Out’s review of Maltby Market.

Maltby Street Market - Beer

What are your favorite stops in the Maltby Market?