“During my long walk to freedom, I had the rare privilege to visit Londolozi. There I saw people of all races living in harmony amidst the beauty that Mother Nature offers. Londolozi represents a model of the dream I cherish for the future of nature preservation in our country” – Nelson Mandela

There aren’t many hotels that can rival Londolozi‘s natural elegance. Nestled on the banks of the Sand river in Kruger National Park, this ecotourism luxury destination has been a pioneer in the luxury private game reserve space since 1926. A member of the prestigious Relais & Chateau hotel group, Londolozi couples unparalleled hospitality with the best game viewing in all of South Africa. Londolozi is not only a private game camp, but it is a sanctuary for all living things. Derived from the Zulu word Londolozi, which means “to protect,” Londolozi is completely eco friendly and respects the animals that they share these sacred ground with.

Upon arrival at Londolozi, you are greeted by their incredibly hospitable staff, ready to cater to your every request, while going above and beyond anything you could have imagined. Imagine getting off of your long journey to Londolozi, and being greeted with fresh towels to cool your face in the hot African sun, a refreshing beverage to quench your thirst, and a friendly smile that will remain for the rest of your time at this enchanting game reserve.

Londolozi Leopard watching

Old Female Leopard at Londolozi

Your day starts with a personal wakeup call on your day. Although it’s at 5 am and your jetlagged eyes could go for a few minutes more of shut eye, you quickly bounce out of bed, excited for the oodles of wild game you’re about to feast your eyes on. Imagine starting your day with a delicious cup of coffee and some cookies before your private ranger takes you out into the savanna of Kruger National Park. During this time, you’ll feast your eyes on plenty of animals, but specifically big cats.

Londolozi Lion

Lion at Londolozi – Just waking up

It is almost a guarantee that you will see all of the big cats while on Safari at Londolozi inside Kruger National Park. Graceful, yet powerful leopards, voracious lions, and lightning fast cheetahs are all regulars around the Londolozi grounds.

There are no fences like on other game reserves so you are free to get up close and personal with the animals. Just not too personal…that leopard might look cute and cuddly, but I assure you – it doesn’t want to cuddle up and drink afternoon tea with you. As long as you respect the animals, they show the utmost respect for you in return.

From Londolozi’s Website, take a peek at The Londolozi Intentions:

  • Redefine the essence of Safari to Africa
  • Build corridors of wildlife to the high rainfall mountain regions of South Africa which lie to the west of Londolozi and continue to campaign for more space for animals to roam freely
  • Seek greater reverence for our rivers from our country’s leaders
  • Create opportunity for relief from poverty for people who remain caught in the economic disempowerment trap caused by ill conceived land use practices
  • Contribute in a small way to the success of our country and her people
  • Be of service

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The Kruger National Park Game Drives

Private African Game Reserve - Londolozi Elephant

While cruising through Kruger National Park, it is a guarantee that you will see the Big 5. That is, leopards, lions, buffalo, elephant, and rhino. With open top Land Rovers whisking you away through miles of rich landscape, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with the animals. During our stay at Londolozi, we were lucky enough to view a leopard hunting a bush buck. Our incredible driver, Greg, took us into the bush to view this once in a lifetime viewing. In mere seconds, the leopard leapt to pounce on its prey, chasing it directly into our Land Rover. The two graceful animals (maybe not so graceful in this exact instance), slammed into our Land Rover and kept on the chase. While the leopard didn’t get the bush buck this time, we all gained a memory that will stay in our (adrenaline filled) hearts forever.

Collette - sundowner in Africa

After your second game drive of the day, your guide will take you to a beautiful spot overlooking the savanna or a watering hole, where you will have the traditional “sundowner,” or sunset cocktail. Pick from a wide variety of local beers, wines, and spirits. If you have a personal preference, be sure to tell your guide and he will arrange them for you. Our guide, Greg, knew my obsession with rosé and made sure to stock our Land Rover with a French rosé that my palate loved. What is better than washing down an amazing game viewing with a glass of fine rosé?

The Cuisine

The cuisine at Londolozi is purely 5-star all the way. You have a personal attendant that is yours to cater to your every culinary need. Our lovely waiter, Innocence, always had a smile on his face and was genuinely happy to serve us and talk to us about his day. The chef is out of this world and served delicacies day after day. The detail-oriented staff remembers things you like and dislike, making sure that the glass of rosé you like with lunch everyday is there before you even have to ask.

The dinners are held in their BOMA camp (standing for British Officers Mess Area), a candlelit romantic sanctuary where you can be seated by yourself or with others enjoying the Londolozi experience. Feast on delectable steaks, gourmet fish, fresh vegetables, and other culinary delights, cooked in an open-air kitchen right in front of you.

The Camp

Londolozi has 5 camps on its property: Pioneer Camp, Founders Camp, Private Granite Suites, Varty Camp, and Tree Camp. The various camps are differentiated by level of room, but they are all equally elegant. Your private home has a private swimming pool nestled under a canopy of trees. With sunbathing chairs and a view of the Sand River below, many of your afternoons will be spent here, resting between game drives and taking in the splendor of your African surroundings.


Yoga – In between game drives, visit the yoga gazebo to stretch out your body.

John Varty Cinematography Centre – Perfect the pictures you took on safari at the John Varty cinematography center.


After rough game drives, treat yourself to a tantalizing massage. Loosen up your muscles and realign your body.

Overall Experience

Overall, our experience at Londolozi was unrivaled. The service was 5-star, the food was delectable, and the game viewing was unparalleled. I would highly recommend visiting Londolozi and staying for at least 5 days. You will leave having experienced an unforgettable environment in Africa while gaining friends you will forever treasure.

Zebras in Africa - Londolozi - Private Game Reserve - Roamaroo