We rounded the curves of the lakeside road, peaks of snow capped mountains beckoning us to summit. Trees lined the country road, ablaze with colors of orange and red, exhibiting the change of seasons in Patagonian country. We pulled into a private driveway, a hidden oasis away from the outside world. We had arrived at the ultimate destination for Patagonian luxury and romance in Patagonia Argentina, The Llao Llao Hotel & Resort.

An all-year round adventure resort, we visited in the fall, where we could still partake in outdoor activities, but were greeted with the view of snow capped mountains, a sign of winter looming ahead. In the winters, visitors to Llao Llao rejoice in their abundance of snow sports while the summer is littered with outdoor enthusiasts taking advantage of the warm-weather adventures in the Andes.

The Location

The location of the Llao Llao is unbeatable. Set on its own private lake-front location, you’re completely surrounded by the amazing Andes Mountains. With direct lake access, you can swim, kayak, or boat around the area. With the mountains and lakes surrounding you, it’s an impeccable setting to start any and all outdoor adventures.

The Rooms

Every room at the Llao Llao invites you in with its warm mountain cabin decor and fabulous design. The king size beds and in-room baths perfect for relaxing after a long day of adventuring in the great outdoors. We awoke to a beautiful view of the sun shining across the Andes Mountains and onto the Andean lakes in Patagonia Argentina.

The Romance

Staying at the Llao Llao was like being enveloped in a cloak of romance at all times. Its luxurious log-cabin feel and cozy mountainside setting made us spend our days adventuring outside and cozying up by the fire at night. We visited in the fall so we were able to utilize the indoor/outdoor pool, the outdoor activities, and the spa. The Llao Llao offers so many activities that it was easy for us to romantically bond during our time at the Llao Llao. Since there were so many activities with only a three day stay, we could break apart for a few hours and tend to our personal wants and needs such as Scott wanting to go kayaking while Collette wanted a swim, or if Scott wanted to go mountain biking while Collette got a pedicure. At the end of the day, we could cozy up by the fire with a glass of wine and reflect on the incredible adventures we both had.

The Amenities

The Spa: The spa was absolutely heavenly. We both received massages that were above and beyond any massage we’ve ever seen. Each massage room had a clear view of the tranquil Andes Mountains. The only problem was that the setting was too beautiful and we wanted to stare at the mountains instead of put our head down! The spa team even topped the massage off by drawing a romantic jacuzzi for us to enjoy.

The Pool: The indoor/outdoor pool at the Llao Llao was perfect for any time of year. We spent many hours of our days soaking in the infinity pool and looking out over the Andes Mountains.

The Adventure: The options for adventure at the Llao Llao are endless. You can choose from hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, boat tours, and world-class golf. In the winter months, Llao Llao is a hotbed for skiing and other snow activities in Patagonia Argentina.

Thank you to the Llao Llao Resort & Hotel for hosting us as their guests. As always, the opinions and thoughts expressed here are entirely our own.