With the advent of a Los Angeles to Singapore flight, the gateway to Southeast Asia has finally opened and with it, it has unlocked a world of possibilities. U.S. travelers looking to visit countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia used to have to connect in Asian cities like Seoul, Tokyo, or Hong Kong, struggling with a 6-7 hour onwards flight to his or her final destination. Thankfully, the longest flight in the world operated by a U.S. carrier has finally arrived, the 18-hour Los Angeles to Singapore flight on United Airlines. In June 2018, we had the opportunity to fly on this long haul flight in United Polaris Business Class.

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The Service

We had the opportunity to fly in United Polaris Business Class for this long haul flight. United Polaris class is supposed to offer the most luxurious service in the friendly skies; however, the business class service on our 18-hour flight to Singapore was truly subpar. From the moment we boarded our flight, the flight attendant in our specific area of Polaris business class was completely dismissive of us. While most business class flight attendants ask guests if they would like a beverage once they board the flight, the flight attendant in our specific area completely ignored us. We had to ask a different flight attendant for a beverage and this continued throughout the rest of the flight. We were never offered the sommeliers wine tasting, coffee, or even waters from our specific flight attendant. If we wanted anything at all, we had to get up and get it ourselves. Don’t get us wrong – we’re not prima donna’s, but for an expensive business class ticket, we would expect at least a touch of service.


We won’t let this one flight attendant color our entire experience of United Polaris Business Class. The other flight attendants that we interacted with were very helpful and we wish that we were sitting in a different area of the plane so that we could have enjoyed a splash of five-star service. Luckily, when we did get up from our seats for a stretch, a glass of wine, or a snack, the other flight attendants were very accommodating and helpful.

The Food

The food choices in United Polaris Business Class are fairly extensive and we were pleasantly surprised by the multitude of selections. The dining service began with a chilled appetizer of Thai-style lemon grass shrimp and a papaya mango salad. This was also accompanied by a mozzarella salad. After this, we had the choice of dining on seared short rib, spicy Thai-style chicken, stir-fried halibut, scallops, and shrimp or an Indian vegetarian meal. Collette chose the seared short rib while Scott chose the Thai-style spicy chicken. Both meals were fairly tasty for airplane dining.


The short rib


The spicy chicken

In the morning, we had the options of a rustic omelet or Chinese congee. We both chose the omelet and it was the perfect way to wake up in Singapore. While on other Polaris business class flights, we’ve had the option to do a sommeliers wine tasting, however our flight attendant never offered us this therefore we didn’t have the option to taste on the Los Angeles to Singapore flight.

The Seats

Of our entire United Polaris Business Class experience, the seats were by far the best part. The LAX to SIN flight is operated on a 787 Dreamliner with a 2-2-2 configuration. Every seat reclined to a completely lie-flat position and the seats were outfitted with Saks Fifth Avenue pillows and bedding. The seats were extremely spacious and tremendously conducive to a long, restful flight.


With the 2-2-2 configurations, the seats were favorable to couples traveling together, but they are not beneficial to those travelers seeking privacy.

The Lounge

While the international terminal at LAX, Tom Bradley International, is home to some of the best lounges and restaurants of any airport, United’s Los Angeles to Singapore route operates out of terminal seven, the United terminal. Terminal seven doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles that the Tom Bradley terminal has so the pre-flight experience of United Polaris is truly sub par. While United promises a fully first-class experience from airport to destination, unfortunately, the United Polaris lounge (formerly the United First Class Lounge) at LAX is under construction and will not open until the fall of 2018. Polaris Class passengers can access the United lounge in terminal seven, which does offer charging stations, light snacks, and beverages, however, it does not offer the luxurious dining options and relaxation areas that LAX’s international lounges possess.

The Entertainment

The entertainment in United Polaris Business Class is quite extensive and we were very pleased with the multitude of options. Travelers can choose from hundreds of movies, television shows, and musical options.


Insider Tips

Prior to flying on United Polaris Business Class, there are a few insider tips that we recommend utilizing as soon as you board the plane. Upon settling into your seat, we highly recommend asking a flight attendant for a gel pillow, mattress pad, and slippers. Not all United Polaris Business Class cabins have enough of these amenities and you’ll need to request them separately.


Was it Worth It?

Overall, it was definitely worth it to fly on the new Los Angeles to Singapore route on United Airlines. The time in the air flew by (literally) and we arrived at our destination very well rested and ready to hit the ground running. The service in the area of our cabin was unacceptable, but that was due to a negative flight attendant and not indicative of the entire Polaris experience. For travelers looking to fly to Southeast Asia from the U.S., there is no better way than the Los Angeles (or San Francisco) to Singapore route on United Airlines.


Note: This is NOT a sponsored article.