Editor’s Note: This article on how to propose on a plane was written by our resident blogger, Wendy Sue Knecht.

A marriage proposal is the ultimate romantic act, and proposing en route, at 30,000 feet, is HIGH on the list of originality.   Even if you can’t afford a First Class seat, proposing in the air is guaranteed to make your flight the most memorable one you’ve ever had.

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Figure out the perfect destination. A flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco may not be advised. You’ll want to savor the moment, and have a long time to sip Champagne and look longingly into one another’s eyes. Domestic or international, the journey there will be the highlight, and any destination will be romantic once you decide to tie the knot.

How to propose on a plane at sunset

Hide your gem.   It’s easy to keep the ring a secret. Just pack it carefully in your carry-on luggage and don’t let your luggage out of your sight. Lots of people travel with jewelry, so this won’t raise an eyebrow with the TSA.

Hamilton Island

Splurge if possible.   If you can spring for it, buy a First Class seat for this one. A marriage proposal calls for the Royal Treatment. You’ll have a more attentive crew and a better chance of getting the Champagne celebration, so rightly fitting for this occasion. Let’s face it, a first class seat might also help your chances of getting that resounding “yes!”

Spring for the good stuff.   If you are traveling on an international flight, be sure to buy a great bottle of bubbly at the duty-free shop. You’ll want to give this to the flight attendant to have them chill for you. Remember, it’s against airline regulations to serve yourself liquor; the flight attendants must have possession of any alcohol you plan to drink on board.

How to propose on a plane - how propose at breakfast

Find the Flight Leader. Once on board, excuse yourself to the lav, and search around for the Head Flight Attendant or the Purser on the flight– generally, he or she will be in First Class. My advice is to do this before the plane takes off. It may be hard to get their attention if the flight is full, but if you approach her bearing a nice box of chocolates (be sure to bring a spare one for the post-proposal festivities), you’ll find mostly anyone will be amenable.

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Timing is everything.   Once you get the attention of the head honcho, you can tell her or him your plan, and ask when the best and most convenient time would be for them. If it’s an overseas flight and there is a meal service, you may not want to do this in the middle of the service as it will disrupt the service flow and potentially annoy passengers and crew.   Having the crew (including the cockpit) in on your secret will make it that much more fun, and you’ll want their full cooperation.

Plan the details.   If you really want to have some fun, you might want to give the ring to a flight attendant to deliver to your seat-mate/ potential life-mate, but that is only if can handle having the ring out of your possession. Either way, you’ll want to coordinate the time you pop the question so they can have a bottle of Champagne at close hand.

How to propose on a plane - Honeymoon

Prepare for a group celebration.   A marriage proposal in-flight is a big event! Prepare for an in-flight announcement and a whole plane load of clapping passengers.

Popping the question at 30,000 feet is a truly original. You might not have privacy, but you will certainly have a unique celebration.

Romantic news travels quickly in the air!