Vacations and road trips especially are usually synonymous with junk food and indulging. But if you’re living in an RV, you can’t keep up the vacation diet forever. We’ve put together our favorite healthy snacks and eating tips for #vanlife and RV living.

Our Favorite Healthy Snacks

  • Protein Bars: Protein bars are a fantastic way to supplement your protein intake and substitute meals on the road. Our favorite bars are Think Bars and Power Crunch bars.
  • Nuts: The healthy fats in nuts will keep you satiated while on a road trip. We opt for whole, raw nuts like cashews, almonds, and walnuts.
  • RXBAR Oatmeal: RXBAR Oatmeal has plenty of protein and complex carbohydrates to keep you fueled on all of your adventures. Plus, you simply boil water and add it to the mix for a complete meal in just minutes.
  • RXBAR Nut Butters: The RXBAR Nut Butters are absolutely delicious. We like to buy them in single serving packets so that we can easily take them on trails or eat them on the go.
  • Quest Protein Cookies: If you’re craving cookies, but don’t want the carbs, “indulge” in a Quest Protein cookie. We love the chocolate chip cookies – they’re simple, sweet, and super healthy.
  • Dang Coconut Chips: If you’re looking for a crispy treat and trying not to cheat with regular potato chips, Dang Coconut Chips are the way to go. They’re packed with healthy fats, they have a sweet taste, and they will keep you satiated throughout your trip.

Our Favorite Healthy Foods to Buy:

  • Cappellos: Cappellos is our absolute favorite way to eat healthy pasta (or any type of pasta outside of Italy for that matter!) It is made from almond meal and it’s absolutely delicious. If you have an oven in your RV, you can also make Cappellos pizzas, which are 100% Coco approved.
  • Siete: Siete tortillas and chips are absolutely delicious and nutritious. We make breakfast burritos everyday with the Siete cassava flour tortillas. They’re less than 100 calories and absolutely delicious.
  • Birch Benders: Birch Benders makes your favorite comfort foods like pancakes and waffle mixes, but In Keto & Paleo form! We also love the Birch Benders Cups, which are single serving keto pancakes, muffins, and brownies. Yum!

Healthy Eating Tips

  • Only buy what you’re planning on eating: Let’s be real – if we want to eat healthy, we have to set ourselves up for success. If you have chips, ice cream, or whatever your “weakness” is in the RV, you’re going to eat it because it’s easy to access.
  • Meal Prep: It’s a lot easier to stick to your healthy eating plan if you actually have a plan. Plan out your meals for the week and especially for travel days. It’s easy to breakdown and not stick to your healthy diet while you’re on long drives.