As we stepped out of the blistering Roman sun and onto the grand yacht, a butler greeted us with a refreshing glass of champagne. We pinched ourselves in delight. This is it. This is what we’ve been dreaming about. This is SeaDream and no cruise critic could argue with the service or luxury.

We all love the feeling of being on the water. The only thing better than the fresh air blowing past you is the air of adventure that awaits. Unfortunately, unless you’re an oil tycoon or a dot com millionaire, the chances of cruising on a yacht around the Mediterranean are slim to none. And a 5,000 person cruise just isn’t our idea of a unique experience. When my mother first recommended we get on a cruise for our honeymoon, I balked. I wanted to spend time getting to know the people in different cities and immersing myself in the culture.

Cruise Critic - Welcome Drinks

Welcome Drinks!

I didn’t think you could authentically visit a new city while cruising, learning all of its intricacies and temperaments through days and nights spent discovering. That was until I found SeaDream. Because when you step onto SeaDream, you’re not cruising, you’re yachting. 

The Service

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The service on SeaDream is unparalleled. With a 1:1 staff to guest ratio, you can be assured that your every wish will be catered to.

When a staff member came around the pool and asked if he could clean my glasses, I thought it was a joke. When I arrived at lunch after an on-shore journey, my favorite cocktail would magically be at my table. Every detail is attended to immaculately. Even though there are dozens of activities on shore, it’s hard to pry yourself away from SeaDream’s service.

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The best part about the staff is that you get to know them on a personal basis. With a 1:1 ratio, they become friends on your journey.


Cruise Critic - Sunset dining

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Gourmet meals are served outdoors on the deck or downstairs in the formal dining room. If you choose the latter, prepare for a fancy feast. Plates are brought out on silver platters and placed at exactly the same time. The plates look so beautiful and you haven’t even seen what is under those shiny silver spheres. When the silver domes are lifted, all at the same time, it’s time to feast on a gastronomic spread fit for a queen.

If you want your privacy, just let the hosts know that you want to dine alone. If you wish to have company, your wish is granted. Mealtimes are the perfect time to meet new friends that you can explore the next port with. We dined alone our first night, but quickly joined forces with various couples and friends. However gourmet and glamorous the service and food are, there is still an unpretentious vibe on the yacht that ensures an extraordinary holiday.

If you’re feeling tired after a day of snorkeling coves in Corsica, retire to your room where 24 hour room service is at your beck and call. Dinner and a movie is that much better on a yacht.

Did I forget to mention the best part about the food? It’s all included in your stay. But that’s not all. The beverages are included as well. So if you’re wondering if you should order that second glass of champagne, the answer is always yes.


Cruise Critic - Golf Simulator

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Golf Simulator: When the girls are off at a cooking class, grab your new gentleman friends and head down to the golf simulator with 30 signature golf courses.

Cruise Critic - Jetski

Watersports: Choose from a wide array of watersports. You have your pick of jet skiing, where you can fly 60 mph through the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Or maybe you’re in the mood for a group watersport. SeaDream has just the activity for you with their banana boat! You can also jump on a water trampoline, wakeboard, kayak, or waterski, all without ever having to leave the yacht.

Cruise Critic - Yoga

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Daily Yoga and Tai Chi: Start your day off right with a guided yoga or Tai Chi session on the deck. Brings a whole new meaning to sun salutation.

Cruise Critic - Capri

On-Land Excursions: Join SeaDream’s team of experts as they take you form port to port to discover hidden lands, famous ruins, and remote beaches. Count on SeaDream to curate the ultimate adventure filled day.

Cruise Critic - Day bed

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Balinese Dream Beds: Looking for a night of romance under the stars? Then book a Balinese Dream Bed on top of the yacht. You can arrange for a bottle of champagne to go by the bed to really set the mood. A must for honeymooners.

Cruise Critic - Piano Bar

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Piano Bar: If it’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday, then we all know where the crowd is shuffling in on SeaDream. As the sun sets over the sparkling sea, grab a glass of champagne and head down to the resident Piano Bar.

Cruise Critic -Top of the Yacht Bar

Top of the Yacht Bar – Grab a nightcap at the Top of the Yacht Bar and make sure to top it off with a stogie. The hospitable bartender is happy to help with your selection.

Cruise Critic - Champagne on a surfboard

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Champagne and Caviar Splash: It wouldn’t be yachting without a champagne and caviar splash! Jump in and enjoy the finer things in life as you float in the Caribbean. Raise your glass and celebrate! You deserve it!


Cruise Critic - Sunset

SeaDream has the only certified Thai Spa at sea. Enter the tranquil Thai spa and let the therapists take over. This is your time to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate your body and mind.


This was by far, one of the most luxurious and memorable holidays we have ever experienced. It felt as though we were yachting the Mediterranean with all of our closest friends. SeaDream redefines small ship cruising and sets the bar incredibly high. SeaDream operates all around the world so visit to book your trip today!