I had heard the rumors that there was a secret restaurant at Newark Airport that was invitation only. As a traveler and foodie, I was immediately excited by the idea of epicurean exclusivity. But was this simply frequent flyer fodder, an urban legend, or could the Newark Airport be home to the cream of the culinary crop? How was a traveler supposed to receive a coveted invitation to this private restaurant? Well, that’s classified information, until now.



How To Get An Invitation

Classified is known as an invitation only restaurant for the elite echelon of flyers. It is unknown as to the exact reasoning for invitations, but our sources tell us that Global Service members, the premier level of frequent flyers on United Airlines, were the first people to receive the sought-after summons. When Classified opened its doors in September of 2017, our sources tell us that approximately 500 people received an invitation every week. After that, invitations were opened to handpicked frequent flyers. Unfortunately, the exact reasoning for these selections is unknown, but at the time of writing, you had to be at least 1K status on United to be invited.


The Location

The location of Classified is unknown to the masses. There is no signage and no information about the restaurant at the airport. In order to gain entrance, one must first receive an email to make a reservation. After a booking is made, the reservation confirmation will include the location of Classified as well as a secret code to gain entrance. While this information isn’t available online, we’re about to let our Roamers in on a little secret.


Classified is located in Terminal C of Newark Liberty International Airport (the United Airlines terminal), the largest airport in the NYC area. Hidden inside the restaurant, Saison, invitees will need to be escorted through an unmarked door to the oasis that is Classified.

Is it Worth the Hype?

With the way that United hyped Classified to its Mileage Plus members, Scott and I were expecting red carpet treatment and champagne upon arrival. However, I think we’ll have to wait until the Oscars for that reveal.


Classified was a quiet respite from the cacophony of airport travel. Nevertheless, the nearly silent restaurant may offer a gourmet sanctuary, but it lacks the five-star service that the menu prices request. The food at Classified is very expensive, demanding at least $50/person with a main course and a glass of wine or a beer. Thus, I would have expected better wait service. Though, like most of Newark Airport, your orders are taken via obnoxious iPads, which takes away from the elite experience. The food was absolutely delicious, but you should only go in if you’re okay with spending expensive steakhouse prices.