Disclaimer: We are not doctors and we are simply sharing our own COVID-19 supplement experience.
Since we’ve been quarantined for over 75 days due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we feel compelled to share healthy living tips with all of you.  We take supplements and vitamins daily as a way to keep our bodies healthy – no matter what. Now that we’re experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve changed up our supplement routine based on studies that we’ve read.
These vitamins and supplements that are showing to potentially help fight/prevent the virus.  All of these are normal, off the shelf supplements that are Very Low Risk, High Reward.

Vitamin D– “Liquid sunshine” ☀️- Vitamin D boosts your immune system, which is great all year round. There is a lot of information showing that the virus suppresses your immune system in the early days of infection.  Patients with a vitamin D deficiency are showing a 4-8x increase in symptoms. Dark skinned people don’t absorb Vitamin D as easily – this may be the reason why the black community is being hit harder with the virus. You can also get this by sunbathing for 10-15 mins a day.

Zinc  – inhibits virus replication but it can’t get into your cell in high enough concentration without quercetin. Think of zinc as the ugly chick trying to get into the club. 

Vitamin D – liquid sunshine

Quercetin – “The Hot Chick” – Quercetin helps zinc get inside your cells. Q is the “hot chick” that the bouncer lets into the packed club.  Since she’s so hot, the bouncer lets her bring guys in with her, aka Zinc.  Q is believed to serve the same function as the infamous hydroxychloroquine, HCQ, however, it’s just not as strong and comes without the heart palpitations.  Both are zinc ionophores.  If you’ve read any studies on HCQ you might say “Hey.. Didn’t the CDC or WHO stop studies on that medicine?”  Well, you’re right. However, the problem with using HCQ in the Hospital ICU is the virus has already replicated and overwhelmed the body when these patients arrive in the hospital. Therefore, taking HCQ after the virus has inundated your body won’t help much.  It needs to be taken at the very early stages of the infection.  It’s believed that taking Quercetin on a daily basis acts as a prophylactic against the virus. Q is also found in leafy greens and onions. We put a scoop in our daily protein shakes!
NAC – Antioxidant up-regulator. Reduces inflammation. The reason you’re hearing stories of one day the patient was fine, the next day they were on a ventilator is because of a cytokine storm and all the inflammation inside the body.  The virus, through multiple steps, reduces the body’s ability to produce antioxidants.  Without sufficient antioxidants patients have too much inflammation which exacerbates all the issues associated with the virus.    

Not found on Amazon…

Sleep. Too bad they don’t sell that on Amazon. Getting a restful 7-8+ hours of sleep has been proven to improve and protect immune function.
Exercise. Just because we’re stuck inside, doesn’t mean we have to forego all movement. Exercise slows down the release of stress hormones, causes changes in antibodies and your white blood cell count, improves heart & lung function, and can boost immunity.
If you think.. “Man, they’ve become 100% hippy while living in LA..” here’s where we source our information.  Dr. Sehult.  He’s the most pragmatic fact based channel I’ve found during all this crazy time.  If you want to learn more, he explains all of this with supporting evidence in his videos. 

Remember to stay active!