We always hear of the days when flying was an elegant experience and a privilege; “The good old days” when people would dress up for a flight, meals were free, and beverages were plentiful. Somewhere along the line, the airline industry lost their magic touch. People stopped dressing up and air travel became tedious. When it comes to luxury travel, what sets brands apart from each other is their ability to provide a unique experience that makes the customer feel special. Luckily, there is one airline that seems to be putting the magic back into air travel. With flight attendants in traditional Jordanian costume, top-notch lie-flat seats, and superlative service, Royal Jordanian Airlines flies high above the competition. We had the privilege to fly in the lap of luxury on the Royal Jordanian 787-Dreamliner roundtrip from Chicago to Amman and were truly given the royal treatment. Book now and pay later at Booking.com!


Royal Jordanian Airlines Crown Class

The check in process at the Royal Jordanian counter in O’Hare was seamless, but it was the check in on our return flight that was the classiest of all. If you’re flying Crown Class on Royal Jordanian out of Amman, you don’t have to wait in any check in line. Upon arrival, we were escorted to a seat in the private Crown Class check in lounge. Our personal attendant checked us in while we relaxed in a chair, far away from the airport crowds. We were then escorted through private passport control and security, which made the check-in process much less stressful.

The Lounge

Royal Jordanian Airlines Crown Class

While the lounge at Chicago O’Hare was subpar (Royal Jordanian uses the Air France lounge).  This is probably the only negative thing we have about our entire experience.  In Amman we were able to access the Royal Jordanian lounge at Queen Alia Airport on our return flight. The Royal Jordanian lounge is one of the biggest lounges we’ve seen as it sprawls across the second floor of Queen Alia Airport and is the perfect place to relax before your long haul flight. Equipped with delicious snacks, beverages, and shower space, the Royal Jordanian lounge has any amenity you could ask for.


The Seats

Royal Jordanian Airlines Crown ClassRoyal Jordanian Airlines Crown Class

When it comes to flying business class, or Crown Class as Royal Jordanian calls it, they set the bar for luxury. As a business class traveler, it’s important to never waste your money or miles on subpar seats! Luckily, the Royal Jordanian 787-Dreamliner Crown Class is the business class of your dreams. The Crown Class is set up in a 2-2-2 formation with lie-flat seats.

The Dreamliner packs plenty of overhead space and ample seat space. Each seat is equipped with a big screen TV, power outlets, pillow, and blanket. The giant Dreamliner windows have a simple button to brighten the window or darken the window, depending on if you want to stay awake or sleep. However, at certain times during the flights the cabin crew will automatically turn the windows dark so that everyone can sleep.


As we were on an overnight flight from Chicago to Amman, we had two full meals along with snacks. Crown Class is given a full “Royal Dining” menu, complete with appetizers, main course, and a dessert. For dinner, the dining cart came around and we chose the filet of beef with pasta and vegetables. For breakfast, we chose a delicious quiche along with Arabic coffee.

Crown Class also has a wide variety of beverages including Tattinger champagne – our favorite!

Saks Fifth Avenue

The Service

Royal Jordanian Airlines Crown Class

The service on the Royal Jordanian 787-Dreamliner was unparalleled. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted by name and shown to our fully reclining seats. Upon sitting down, we were offered beverage service (we chose Arabic coffee and water) and enjoyed the service from the attentive flight attendants.

Throughout the 12-hour flight, we were tended to and looked after and even given take home gifts from the crew!

Crown Class Amenities

Your options are endless when you’re in Crown Class. Upon boarding and throughout the flight, you have your choice of beverages (adult beverages included), snacks, and meals. We were also given a Crown Class gift bag complete with socks, a toothbrush, toothpaste, hand lotion, brush, and mouthwash – the perfect amenities for an overnight flight!

In addition to full food and beverage service, the Royal Jordanian Crown Class has a bar that it opens up mid-flight. In the back of Crown Class, we could grab snacks and champagne whenever we like. Yes, that’s right – champagne whenever we like. It’s not business class without some champagne in hand!

The Entertainment

Royal Jordanian Airlines Crown Class

Each seat in Crown Class as well as in economy, comes with its own personal television and entertainment system. Royal Jordanian provides a number of western and Arabic films and television shows, absolutely free.

Thank you to Royal Jordanian Airlines for hosting us as their guests. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely our own. #ad