Dublin is known for its wonderful pub drinking culture, filled with happy lads and lasses, singing and dancing in the streets. But Dublin is also known for its loads of holidaymakers barhopping through the touristic Temple Bar area. With the help of a new Irish friend, we experienced the absolute best bar crawl in all of Dublin. No more tourist traps, no more Temple Bar, just authentic, crafty, local Dublin. We thoroughly enjoyed searching every Dublin pub in the city to curate the best list just for you. Roam on!

dublin pub - sophie

This rooftop bar at the Dean Hotel has 360-degree views of the city of Dublin. With grand glass ceilings, Sophie’s claims that the “weather is our wallpaper.”

dublin pub - camden exchange

One of our favorite pubs on this bar crawl, Camden Exchange is known for its bespoke cocktails. From homemade Werther’s Original Vodka (delicious and dangerous) to marshmallow vodka cocktails, this pub had it all. For the beer lover, there were dozens of craft beers on select. Hip in style, Camden Exchange tapped into its creative side with oodles of art draping the walls.

dublin pub - camden exchange
dublin pub - the bleeding horse

This sports bar is the perfect place to go when a football or rugby game is on. Cheer for your favorite team and grab a pint at the bar.

4. P.Macs

This Stephen’s Street pub is dimly lit and lined with private stalls to enjoy beverages. When you get to P.Macs, it is time to refuel! Grab a private stall and sit down for some fish tacos and pulled pork sandwiches.

dublin pub - exchequer

A swanky but unpretentious bar in the Creative Corner of Dublin, Exchequer is known for its cocktails. The bartender, Tom, was the one that helped us created this incredible bar crawl so of course, we had to loop back around and say hello. Ask for a flaming key lime pie shot…you won’t regret this! (As long as you drink lots of water when you get home!)

An inconspicuous awning and a bouncer wait outside VCC, a swanky vintage cocktail bar outside of Temple Bar. This exclusive cocktail experience caters to a chic crowd looking to imbibe on bespoke curated concoctions.

Roamaroo had a great time visiting every Dublin pub just for you. What are your favorite pubs in Dublin? Comment below!

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